Does the Average Work-Day Workout Really Bring You Results?

Working Out While At Work: A Mixed Bag

For countless years, many different people have decided that you can get in a great workout during your workday, but how does this really hold up in getting you fit? I want to say that, first and foremost, most of these programs are great for helping you achieve a slight level of success and being more fit. However, if you’re really committed to changing the way that you look, I would suggest getting a gym membership or buying some weights for use in your own home. The usual office workout type program is great, when you can squeeze in the time, but for most people there are two big reasons why I think that getting a gym membership is the better option.

Reason one is that most of us don’t have the average office job portrayed in the scenarios. And in the cases of people that have a lot of work to do every day, we’re probably is probably not going to find a combined hour per workday to do sit ups lunges and other things like that.

Reason two is that although some of these ideas are great on paper, when we actually think about doing them in front of her peers at the office, we become mortified. Sometimes even going to the gym and really giving it your all can draw some strange looks. And you will draw more more of the strange looks if you try some of these things in an actual office surrounded by your work peers.

Even worse, would be the embarrassment if you decided to stop you’re exercising and everyone in the office knew about it. If you wanted to use some of these exercises, I think it would be best to really work on ones where you don’t have to really make a big scene with your workout. Some of the exercises that I do think work really well or ones that can be done while sitting at your desk. We are all going to have a little downtime here in there so it might be best to use that to actually work on your fitness. Some of the exercises that require tightening your abdominal muscles and then letting go are actually great examples of what you can do throughout the day. However I also think that this breeds more and more people who feel that they don’t need to go to the gym because they can get it all done in a workday.

If you are really wanting to build muscle, lose weight, or both I would definitely recommend going with a program that is a little bit more intense. Beginners can always start at the level they feel comfortable but tossing some weights around and actually getting on the treadmill will make for more improvements in your life. Something else that I can’t wrap my head around is why you might feel the need to work out at your office. I feel that a great workout before your office day or after your office day is a great separation of the mind and body that can lead to great workouts.

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Fitness and Video Games: How They Work Together

Can You Get More Fit by Playing Video Games?

I am someone who’s hobbies include both fitness and video games. Sometimes, these are always a likely match but recent technology has worked to help bring them together. There are many different types of fitness video games out there, some focus more on fitness, while others updates on the game itself and work fitness into beginners modes. Some of the most popular examples include the Zumba fitness games where people can actually, by the power of the Xbox Kinect, have their own Zumba workout privately in their own home. Others seem to blur the lines between game and fitness like some of the Kinect adventure games and the Nintendo fitness game. These offer more mini-game type events while also getting you more and more fit in the background, but do they really work?

video games and fitness

There have been actual experiments done, primarily when the Wii fitness game came out and it they showed that these do you actually help you get into better shape. Now will this be able to be at a gym? Not at this time, but more and more advances are being made almost every single day. If you have ever played some of the just dance video games or other Xbox Kinect titles, you will know that you get a good sweat broken pretty quick into playing the game. As you play these games for longer and longer you were moving and standing usually, which will also help to boost your metabolism. This boost in metabolism is what will cause you to burn calories at a more rapid rate, leading to weight loss. Even some video games, they require a resistance band, that will actually help to put on more muscle mass. Sports fans know that there are a ton of great games designed to help get you moving. One of the most recent ones that I have seen, I had to do with bouncing a basketball around but this one had more to do with rhythm than fitness overall.

However, the game still to get you moving so I could consider counting it on my list. Other games at their offer to help you get more fit while practicing your best dance moves. These games remain very popular with the youth and are a great way to help burn some calories, yes I admit I have played them in the past and they are a blast. As technology and video gaming advances more and more, I think we will truly find the perfect game to really help get people into shape. I’m not saying that there aren’t already great games out there now but I do think that as advancements start to show up, we will be seeing better and better examples of how fitness and video games can combine to make something truly great.


Free Fitness Boot Camps in your Area, What to Expect

Fitness Boot Camps: Free but Challenging!

One of the big recent trends in the fitness world is that of a free fitness boot camp. Yes, they are absolutely free and they are in certain areas, although most likely in bigger cities across America. During these free fitness boot camps, do not expect for something along the lines of breaking a single sweat. Although, some have different activities for all fitness levels, expect to be challenged at whatever level you choose to proceed with. They offer all kinds of activities and are usually held outside at somewhere like in football field or a large part. There was even one recent event where is celebrity was there, Randy Moss, the football player. Although it is uncommon for celebrities to show up at these free fitness boot camps, you never know. There may even be some local celebrities from your town that offer to volunteer to help coach these fitness the pants.

One thing you want to remember before attending one of these free fitness boot camp, is to consult your local doctor to make sure that your body is up for it. I know people here free attached to these and think that they should go immediately without checking up with any kind of medical professional but this is very dangerous to do. These fitness boot camps are held a couple of times a week and the crazy thing is that sometimes the celebrities were even purchase a paid in them along with the people. Many were surprised to find in the previously mentioned fitness boot camp that Randy Moss actually showed up and trained with these people throughout the duration of the fitness boot camps.

Another thing that is great about these fitness Boot Camp is it is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, like yourself. You can really make some friendships in there that can last a really long time and best of all it helps both of you achieve your fitness goals because having a partner with this type of thing is always best. I have even heard of a couple of my friends finding true love at these events, as cheesy as that sounds. So, do yourself the favor and as long as you are in the health to do it, I highly suggest that you go to one of these events. Even if you go to one, and find out that it is not for you, you can still say that you tried!