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Making A Better Budget for Supplements

It can be super hard for someone to get all of the top supplements. For one thing, it seems there is always some new thing that is out, just after you make a large trip to get what you came for. Secondly, we live in times where just getting everything done can be enough, let alone another new addition to the errand list. Another thing that I have had happen to me before is that I go to the store, have my list in hand, and forget the main thing that I came there to get! Even though, we might not all go to the same kind of shops, we know that we will all face different difficulties in getting the items that we need.

steroid results on a skinny budget

If your goals are going to be more for weight loss, there will be certain vitamins that you will want to use over other ones. Trust me, there is definitely such a thing as going overboard with what all you are taking. Worst of all, you can risk getting an adverse reaction to what you are using and could end up really sick. It is actually possible to end up taking too much of even the most helpful things for your body. Much like the sad case of the radio show contest, even water, in large enough amounts can not be good. Being wasteful with what you have already got, will not help you down the line. Another thing that can be helpful is making a schedule of when you will need to restock, and when this will need to happen.

When it comes time to work within the budget that you have, stick with the essentials. If you are unable to take the risks on trying something that might not work, then don’t! There are tons of great resources out there, if you are needing to compare prices. One of the most popular times of the year to stock up on workout stuff would be during any of the big online sales days. It is not uncommon for me to save 40-60% off of certain products, it is just all about keeping up with what discounts are going on. Also, be sure to check out which products are available in smaller sizes for a cheaper price. By doing this, you will be helping to avoid eating any big costs, if you had bought a bigger sized container of the same product.

In closing, supplementing on a budget might seem impossible, but there are easy methods you can use to make this happen. Do not use more per day than what is said to be used. You will not suddenly turn into a beast by doubling up on what you use. If anything, the only that will grow will be the odds that you end up having to go to the doctor after doing something so crazy. Plan ahead and work the costs of the initial supplements that you want to get into your budget. Plan ahead and set back a certain amount for what you are going to need, this way when you need something restocked you will not be caught off guard. Even though, you might feel like you are suffering from supplement-overload, don’t worry, it is a common feeling. Simply work these items into your budget, as you would with any kind of cost, and you will be a planning ahead pro in no time!

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Why I Don’t Workout on Vacation

It is time to travel and escape that boring job for many months. You have stayed overtime and put in the hours needed to get ahead. Now, it is time for the vacation that you have always wanted but there is a problem. How are you going to be able to maintain such a strict diet and vigorous workout routine while away from home? My honest answer would be to use common sense. If you need a salad at dinner, eyeball the menu of wherever you are eating and do your best. If you spill over your calorie limit for the day by a couple hundred or more, you will be just fine.

Often, the fitness-obsessed among us will start panicking once they set their bags in their room, worried that they will freak out if they don’t get a workout in. First, sit down and let yourself chill out. There have been many studies done that actually suggest a one week break where you don’t lift weights or perform intense exercises for a week or more. Head over to the main desk of the hotel that you will be staying at and see what they have to say. Oftentimes, their jobs are to recommend services tailored to the guest needs and trust me, you aren’t going to be one of the first who are wanting to be fit.

working out in hotels

For example, when I recently stayed in Mexico, I was needing something to get my workouts in and I went to the front desk to see what they could do for me. They recommend a hike that was sure to be intense. I figured that would be a great way to start the day and off I went to the bus to my destination. I was so excited to challenge myself while on vacation, I am always looking for something to raise my adrenaline. The hike got me away from the work world that I wanted to escape for a while and it kept it pumped up. I was so ready to get back on the bus when I was done, I have to admit that I couldn’t keep up and had to call it quits early. After I came back to the front desk, all tired and sweaty, I gave him a tip and a thank you for one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Make Sure You Ask the Locals for Directions to Workout Centers!

Make friends with the hotel staff, they have often lived in the area and will be most valuable to find the hidden gems in their community. I often see people asking fellow travelers about what to do on a faraway trip, which amuses me. Why would you ask someone what to do to stay fit and workout on a vacation when they are in the same boat as you? Many hotels will have gyms setup within them, where you can bust out some reps to stay nice and buff at the beach. Another tidbit if your hotel doesn’t have a gym would be to lookup any local fitness centers or gyms, check around and you really end up surprising yourself. Listen to the locals can also be applied while you are out shopping at local spots. This is a wise tip if your front desk person is elderly or someone that you know does not see a gym very often.


Pound Brings Drumming to the World of Fitness

There is a new innovative fitness class going on right now but it has opinions split. This new trend, in a series of new ways to get in shape, is called pound. While you may think it sounds like some sort of boxing or MMA program, you couldn’t be further from the truth. What this program is would be a class where you’re surrounded by people who are air drumming. The class will provide you with two drumsticks but the rest of the effort is up to you. I’m not making this up, this is a real fitness class. I don’t know who the person is the came up with this crazy idea but it is starting to gain traction. First, if you were wanting to learn the drums, there are much better ways to do this. Buy a cheap drum set or you can use one of those video game controllers to take some steps to learn how to drum. If you want to exercise, there are about 1 million other ways to do it that would be more beneficial for you. Sitting around with a group of people pretending to drum does not sound like a way that I would want to work out.

pounding drums

Hazards I could think of in this class is what could happen when you have a group of people flailing her arms around holding sticks, what happens if sticks go flying around the room? To me, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, if someone were to get hit in the face with one of those drumsticks. Also, what body parts are actually being worked out in a pound class? I can imagine the drumsticks are that heavy, so I don’t really see any benefit for your muscles. From what I have seen of this class, it also looks like people are sitting down for a majority of the time. What kind of cardio workout has you sitting down all of the time? I wouldn’t think that it would be possible to really feel the burn while taking one of these classes. I’m sure that they aren’t experiencing any lack of participants for their classes, people are always willing to try the latest thing.

What is the Next Hip Workout Trend?

As a matter of fact, we have actually covered a lot of these new ways to work out. What doesn’t surprise me is how quickly these programs rotate in and out of being fashionable. We could see the future where these pound classes start showing up everywhere but for now, I’m not so convinced.  Already feeling heat from others around the Internet, this new fitness trend doesn’t seem to be making the waves that some thought it would, initially. If you want to be a weekend rockstar, you could really get some enjoyment out of these pound classes. I suppose that I will stick with Rock Band, the video game, when I want to bust out drumsticks and feel like I am the next drum master. The Pound fitness program and starting in California, where it remains to be seen if it will spread to other states. I’m sure that there will be a market for this and that there will be groups of people eager to try this new way of staying fit. Perhaps they should make goggles a requirement, so that no one gets hit by flying drumsticks.

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Get Fit with Your Pet: Fido Needs Exercise, Too!

Keeping yourself healthy is one thing but there’s an important aspect of your life that you might be forgetting about. Namely, the health and fitness of your pet. I know that my dog is pretty much like my child, I watch over him and want to do everything I can to ensure that he lives a long and healthy life. While you might have your nutrition in check, you need to stop for a minute and think about if your pet is staying as healthy as you are. For the pet owners out there, I wanted to put together some quick tips the next time you think about what is going into your pet’s diet. Exercise is important for pets, namely dogs, as this is what is ingrained into their mind. The simplest way that I could recommend you and your dog getting fit together would be to go for walks. Throughout the first years of my dog’s life, he never wanted to go outside.

Techniques to Keep A Pet Active Like You

exercising with a petI blame this on me because I had always raised him to be an inside dog. One day, I bit the bullet and decided that I would take him outside and he loved it. Flash forward to two years later, and we go out for walks and runs daily. My pet loves the feeling of getting to go outside and be free and I get to knock out a little bit of afternoon cardio, everyone wins. One reason why I wanted to talk about pet owners getting fit alongside the pets is because of a growing problem. This problem is that there are a large number of obese pets in the world. To make matters worse, it’s harder to recognize obesity on pets than it is for humans. Humans carry weight differently than pets do, so sometimes it makes it harder to tell if a pet is obese. While having a plump pooch may look cute for pictures, you could be actually doing your dog some damage. As it is with humans, obese pets are going to be at a larger rest for many diseases that are associated with being an animal. If you don’t believe that your pet isn’t getting enough exercise, let me ask you, how many times does your dog want to play fetch with you? You might be rolling your eyes and groaning as you read that last sentence but it’s true, the dogs want to be active and this could be a sign that they’re not getting the activity that they need throughout the day.

To summarize, if you want to keep yourself healthy while also doing the same for your precious pet, you both need to get moving. One stroll outside, whenever you have the time to do so, should be enough to keep your pet happy and satisfied. Would you sacrifice five minutes out of your day to take your buddy for a walk, instead of having to play fetch for hours on end? One last tip that I have for aspiring pet owner is wanting to keep their little one safe would be to always keep up with the recalls on food. A few of these have snuck by me and in one case I was actually feeding him something that was bad for him. After hearing about the recall, I immediately got him some new food. I am always of the belief that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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New Nutritional Labels to Bring Increased Transparency

Throughout the past decade, we have seen changes in the way that products are labeled. You have to remember that the labels that show everything that is in a particular item, were not always around. As time has gone by, these labels have grown more and more sophisticated. One can pull a product up and instantly read about every single ingredient in it. It looks as if there will be some more advancements coming a label near you soon. Calling for a more truthful stance on the items that we consume every day, we continue to see more changes being made. There is a new idea being tossed around about something that is a little bit different on these labels we all see everyday.

This innovation would have a picture showing how much exercise it will take to burn off the calories of said food item. My first instinct is to wonder how they are going to fit all of this information on our, already crammed labeling system. The other part of me, that hates tracking every single thing that I eat, would actually welcome these potential new changes. My only dilemma would be understanding how they are going to fit so many different kinds of exercises on their labels. As you know, no one person works out the same way and will commonly use a number of different exercises together. For example, if all the labels are geared toward more cardio, how will people that only do strength training know how long to lift?

I think that it does take some of the joy out of indulging in junk food, which we are all entitled to. Could you imagine seeing how much effort it would take to burn off the last fast food meal you got? The thought of that alone scare me and maybe that is the goal of the group tasked with getting these labels onto products. I don’t think that certain food and drink companies will let this decision pass so easily but I guess we will just have to wait and see. It might not be a matter that the big companies are even allowed to have an opinion in, depending upon how far this measure would end up reaching. The tests that are being done on this movement, currently show that many people would actually avoid the least healthy food option, when they see it in terms of actions that they will need to take.

As there are currently some concept designs for what these futuristic labels would look like, I think that they could become a big hit. This is all being said from the standpoint of someone who enjoys and practices daily fitness. One can’t help but wonder if this message of how much activity is required to burn of that candy bar will be lost on those who have no desire to get in shape. For them, this decision to label their food or drink differently could be ignored altogether. I still think that there will need to be more accurate information presented over where the country stands with this decision before we see anything too concrete. Where do you stand on this issue? Would you like to see more information being presented on the labels, not having to do with ingredients but how long you would need to jog to burn off that order of french fries?


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Micro Workouts Form Substantial Improvements

As we all deal with our own hustle and bustle that comes with completing an average day, exercising isn’t always as easy to complete, let alone start! If you are about to pull your hair out trying to implement a legitimate workout schedule with all that you have to do, micro exercising could be the answer you have been waiting for! The theory behind this way of exercising that is growing in popularity is small improvements made over time. That way of thinking is the basis behind large changes in your life. I believe that why so many people are down on themselves is because they think that if something takes a long time, it isn’t worth doing. What saddens me about thinking like that is that, I have found, the opposite to be true. I find that tasks that take a longer time will often correlate with having the most to gain from completing said task.

New types of fitness enthusiasts aren’t going to let the nine to five life hold them back from staying healthy. For instance, one on-the-go gentlemen prefers to take stairs wherever he can, even during travel! This mindset to never let life get in the way of staying fit is inspiring. It makes me think back to all of the times I passed on exercising, just because I wasn’t near my gym of choice. It sorts of makes me feel like a spoiled brat who has more excuses than common sense, sad but true. This way of exercising whenever possible is not lost on makers of cell phone applications. You can easily find many different apps designed with the user being on the go, in mind. Be warned, however, those looking for an easy path may be better suited looking elsewhere. I remember an old fitness app that I used to use, with the goal of a quick exercise.

finding the timeI have tried various fitness programs, from the tame to the grueling, and trying a micro workout app was one of the most challenging things that I had done. I enjoy my resting time in between sets, of which I had almost none with the app that I got. Honestly, that particular app was many phones ago and I can’t currently find it on any section of the app store. No worries though as there are many more that have swooped in to take its place. After the soreness and fatigue I experienced trying to following this trend, I will be sticking with my old school style of working out. That style being the guy who is covered in sweat and gasping for air in between heavier sets.

Why I am Sticking with the Old School Approach

Sure, it could take me over an hour to finish a workout but this is my own personal speed at handling things and I am perfectly fine with that. I have no doubt that I will leaving those quick and intense style of exercise for those who can handle it, I know that I sure can’t! It is no wonder that many moms are the leading voices in favor of a new way of staying in good shape. Mothers are some of the toughest people in the world, having one of the hardest jobs imaginable. I say with no humiliation at all that while I could be seen as someone you might not want to mess with, I am a wuss compared to these fit moms, utilizing methods to exercise that this grown man begging for mercy!


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Going Back to Lifting Again Doesn’t Have To Be So Tough

First, don’t panic, taking time away from working out is very common. I have personally had to do this, when life got in the way and have always bounced back. To best determine the plan of action to take when coming back from some time away from the weights is the duration you were away. Some will freak out after being down with the flu for a couple of days that they will turn skinny, it doesn’t work that way. If you are out of action for longer than a few days, like weeks or a few months, you will lose some muscle. Once these periods of time where you aren’t lifting lengthen, the percentage of muscle lost will be higher in correlation.

I am overly positive, which is off-putting to some but let me offer you some free advice. Use your big return to getting into the old healthy lifestyle as a way to fix areas you didn’t focus on before. When I took my major break away from working out (which I hated), I was so ready to get back to a more action filled life that I cut no corners. I completely rebuilt my diet from the ground up and came back prepared with a great meal plan. In my mind, if I had to start working from the bottom, I wasn’t going to do anything that would make this journey any longer. Sure enough, after sticking with my bodybuilding type diet, I was getting big at a faster rate! In the past, the kind of accelerated growth would have taken, probably, three times longer as I didn’t take things as serious the first time around. The time before you plan that first re-entry into the workout world is when you prepare a detailed plan to fix any glaring weaknesses in your game.

Leave the Ego Outside of the Weight Room

Another useful tip you will want to remember is not to start right where you left off, in terms of weight you can move. The ego is the cause for many bad decisions being made and the gym is not a place where ego should get in the way. If you want to turn your favorite song up loud and do another set, do it. However, when you walk into a gym after not being there for three months, don’t think you will jump right back where you used to be. It might not make you feel like a macho man but start with what you can move (with proper form) for eight to ten repetitions. Congratulations, you just found your new starting point, it certainly won’t be where you finish up! The rate at which you are going to look like you used to, will vary from person to person. While one guy can get back to feeling good about himself, it could take the other guy longer. As long as you are physically putting in the effort, you will get back to where you used to be. Keep your head up and don’t let any naysayers get you down about taking on something this daunting for a second time. Instead, use the motivation that got you into the door to push through a million more of them. Also, think of this as future motivation the next time you decide you are going to take a break from weightlifting.

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Why Boxers Should Be Strength Training More Often

higher strength infoWe see so many different clips of boxers using jump rope and speed bags to get better at their chosen sport. You have viewed all of the big montages in various boxing movies. We see actors that look totally jacked sparring and doing everything that a real life boxer would be doing to train for a big fight, with the exception of one glaring omission. Have you noticed that we really don’t see any weight lifting being performed in these montages? When talking about boxing, the Rocky movies will have to come up. I remember some light lifting happening in that series, although it was mostly the evil Russian Ivan Drago.  I am not the world’s foremost boxing historian but I do remember seeing some boxers who would swear by the importance of strength training. Namely, Mike Tyson, one of the sport’s most notorious figures and a powerful puncher, he would lift weights to help him attain such power. I do think that a big part of success in boxing will come down to genetics. However, that doesn’t mean that certain attributes can not be trained and worked on, until they hit their full potential. A boxer might think that, as long as they are doing some kind of weight training, that they will be a power puncher in no time. While it is great to implement weights into any type of training program, how you lift is just as important.

Any aspiring or professional boxer will need to make sure that they are lifting for strength, not size. Sure, it would look great if you were walking out to the ring. A massive figure with a hulk like physique could make any opponent potentially quiver in their boots. If you want to last more than one round, the weightlifting that you do will need to contain weight that is heavy, at low repetitions. While not being the best for looks, this kind of training will create more strength, putting much more force behind any kind of swing.

To illustrate this point, watch a boxing match that consists of two different body types. The first thing that comes to my mind is one of the Ali vs Frasier fights. Ali was made up from a skinner build, with very good definition, while Frasier had far more mass than his opponent. As historians know, Ali was able to beat his opponent (in one contest, at least), even though his was much smaller. I don’t think that every boxer needs to lift weights, seven times a week, but weight training should still be an essential piece of their training schedule. As long as you training to increase your strength, performing lifts are not going to make you worse at a sport, on the contrary, more punching power is something that every boxer should want to have.

The importance of cardio, in any sport, including boxing is extremely important. When talking about this sport, there are different weight classes. Depending upon which weight class a fighter is in, will determine the times that they need to lift some weights. In most cases, the heavier weight classes, like heavyweight, will require more lifting to ensure that their strength matches up with their natural size. When talking about the lower classes, you will see fighters that have less mass but are more toned up. This amazing tone is the results of much cardio being done.

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Defending the Instagram Post of Fit Personality Chontel Duncan

Setting aside all of the news we have been hearing about candidates slinging dirt in every way possible, there is another person being targeted. Setting aside politics and talking about fitness, a mother-to-be has drawn the ire of many just by posting some workout videos? How did this firestorm come to be, with many leveling some serious claims against her? The video that Chontel Duncan had put up on her Instagram was of her doing some moderately intense exercising, the key to this story was that she was visibly pregnant. Only she knows all of the details but she has apparently received some quite hateful responses to a seemingly innocent video.

This is one of the best examples of people jumping to conclusions that I have seen. Folks, Chontel is a fitness model, do you think that she would take any unnecessary risks? I don’t think that someone like her, whose job it is to be in killer shape, would do anything to put herself or child in danger. Sure, if I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t be in a gym but we are all different. This story has been looked upon with everyone focusing on the mental state of this woman that we are blinded to something very important. Instead of only focusing on how this mom chooses to exercise, shouldn’t we be disturbed at what people would attack a perfect stranger.

Why Everyone Needs to Chill Out for a Minute

Duncan has stated that there is a group of professionals monitoring what she should be doing while with child. After a bit of looking into this woman’s career, I am sure that she can afford some high-level pros to help her. I don’t think that we need a bunch of keyboard warriors hurling insults at a woman just trying to stay healthy. I have dealt with being bullied by people behind a keyboard and it isn’t fun. It is easy for someone to do the name-calling and insulting but when tables get turned, it doesn’t feel that easy at all. After what I have read, these barrages of hurtful words are not going to stop Chontel from living her life, so why not move on to something else? Let’s stop attacking her and put all of this behind us. Trust me, you are doing nothing but stressing out a woman by continuing with these needless attacks. There was a big incident that the Reddit community picked up on, where someone with Autism was being bullied relentlessly, for no other reason than immature people trying to be funny. It only seems that now, there are a big group of people with nothing better to do, that are acting like they wrote the book on being fit.

It isn’t unheard of for someone who is carrying a baby to do some light working out. I don’t see her trying to set any records, probably just some maintenance work.  After hearing about this, I had to watch the video for myself. Sure, she is using a dumbbell, so there are elements of weight training that is taking place. I am not a genius in the subject of anything having to do with maternity but I know stress isn’t all just physical. I am sure that leaving a pregnant woman a bunch of hateful messages probably is doing more damage to her, than some light exercising could do.

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Could Workout Technology Be Telling You Too Much?

Have you been getting a little obsessed with what your fitness tracker is telling you? You are not alone, as it appears that many are watching what their tracker tells them, like a hawk. There is nothing wrong with keeping tabs on how much effort you exert, as long as it isn’t taking a toll on your self-esteem. Everyone and their cousin seems to have a Fitbit, Garmin, or other device that give you all sorts of information, based on your movements. Welcoming the insight with open arms, most of us don’t have any issues with having our activity (or lack thereof) tracked and reported to us.

Things aren’t all going according to plan, as some users are finding these trackers as a source of humiliation. Body image is what you see when you look at yourself. Throw out all of the measurements and strength numbers, your image is only concerned with how you physically appear. If someone has a bad body image, they will always see areas of improvement and flaws. Even if you have two people are in perfect shape and look the same, one may think that they look flawless, while the other person will only see the negatives.

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

For those latter people, a tracker can start out as a friend and can turn into a hated enemy. This all occurs because someone with a low opinion of their own shape is not going to handle having every flaw reported to them, daily. Sometimes body conditions can crop up from being ridiculed in the past. Whether it was a mean name or someone pushing them too hard, a Fitbit can bring up these feelings from the past, leading some to push themselves to a borderline obsession. Over-exerting oneself, in order to appease an app is not the ideal way to stay healthy. Some are even being sent to the doctor because they overdid it, trying to meet the new daily or weekly goals, set by a fitness tracker.


I have one of these myself and love being able to have something else track everything that I do, so that I don’t have to. I would say that I have thicker skin than some, which makes being told to push myself more a comment that doesn’t bother me. I could see where others, who are suffering from physical or psychological issues to have an opposite reaction to the ongoing critiques. When people are told that they need to be doing more, then get hurt because of it, it doesn’t mean that the trackers are to blame. I don’t have any image issues, making it hard to speak for those that do, but there has got be some kind of common sense to apply here. If you’re Fitbit is telling you to run and you feel abnormal pain, don’t run! I don’t like reading about people wanting to jump out of their current workout regimen, due to what a program recommends you do. Maybe all of this is a concern that makers of these trackers should listen to. These reports remind me of what happened when the Wiifit video game was released for the Wii gaming system. This product had a scale that came with this game, in order to accurately track your weight. One big flaw with the weight tracker was that it only tracked your actual weight and not your BMI. The body mass index is a better indicator, when looking at amount of fat versus how much you weigh. It was no surprise that when I, a bulkier weightlifter, stepped onto the scale that the Wii was calling me obese. I laughed it off but I would be lying if I said that it didn’t get to me, even if just for a minute. Putting in everything that I had, to only be told that I was considered obese is not a good memory.

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Is It Possible to Train Your Brain While You Exercise?

I am sure that you have heard nearly a million ways that you can work on how your body looks. What if I told you could get fitter, while also giving your brain the workout that it so desperately needs? Luckily, there has been some new studies and the results from them point out which exercises are able to tune up the old noggin. There was actually an amazing series of tests that we run, in order to best determine which specific kinds of exercise were best at bringing about increased brain activity. There were all kinds of exercises being tested here, from cardio to bodyweight training. Sorry to all my fellow weightlifters out there, but the results show that cardiovascular exercises was where it was at, in terms of the highest amounts of brain activity while being performed.

I guess that the senior citizens that I always see walking around at my local mall were on to something after all! In all seriousness, the results of this study are a great incentive to anyone that is on the fence about whether they should be running or not. You owe it to yourself, and your brain, to give them both the kind of activity that they so need. Something of note for all of these tests that were run is that increases in brain function directly correlated with how many miles were run. I suppose that now we can add the ability to exercise your brain as another incentive to get you running. Not only great from staying nice and trim, cardio is also great for keeping your heart healthy.

train the brain

As we all get older, our brain can begin to dull a bit, if not maintained properly. Think of your brain like a car, if you had a vehicle that you never put any time or effort into its upkeep, how long do you think that car will hold up? Stress is something that we all have to live with, at one time or another, running can help to fight off those stressors we have from everyday life. Be sure to read more about the study, over at the website of the New York Times, this is something that really should not be missed. The implications of these studies and how they will be used to further discuss the benefits of running, especially among older people will be known for years to come. If you want to start training your brain by utilizing your own two feet, assess your current ability to run. Never start off sprinting, as that will burn you out quickly. Instead, stick to something that is made up of walking in place, or slowly jogging. As you begin to see what your endurance levels are, you can adjust the fine spots of your regimen, in order to increase your jogging ability over time. I do have to say that I am surprised that lifting weights did not do more for raising the levels of brain activity, this does not bode well for the whole dumb guy lifting weights stereotype! The next time that you forget why you walked in a room, lose your keys, or have your brain just generally work against you, go get some running shoes on and go for a jog! You might just end up coming back from your run smarter than you were before!