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Making A Better Budget for Supplements

It can be super hard for someone to get all of the top supplements. For one thing, it seems there is always some new thing that is out, just after you make a large trip to get what you came for. Secondly, we live in times where just getting everything done can be enough, let alone another new addition to the errand list. Another thing that I have had happen to me before is that I go to the store, have my list in hand, and forget the main thing that I came there to get! Even though, we might not all go to the same kind of shops, we know that we will all face different difficulties in getting the items that we need.

steroid results on a skinny budget

If your goals are going to be more for weight loss, there will be certain vitamins that you will want to use over other ones. Trust me, there is definitely such a thing as going overboard with what all you are taking. Worst of all, you can risk getting an adverse reaction to what you are using and could end up really sick. It is actually possible to end up taking too much of even the most helpful things for your body. Much like the sad case of the radio show contest, even water, in large enough amounts can not be good. Being wasteful with what you have already got, will not help you down the line. Another thing that can be helpful is making a schedule of when you will need to restock, and when this will need to happen.

When it comes time to work within the budget that you have, stick with the essentials. If you are unable to take the risks on trying something that might not work, then don’t! There are tons of great resources out there, if you are needing to compare prices. One of the most popular times of the year to stock up on workout stuff would be during any of the big online sales days. It is not uncommon for me to save 40-60% off of certain products, it is just all about keeping up with what discounts are going on. Also, be sure to check out which products are available in smaller sizes for a cheaper price. By doing this, you will be helping to avoid eating any big costs, if you had bought a bigger sized container of the same product.

In closing, supplementing on a budget might seem impossible, but there are easy methods you can use to make this happen. Do not use more per day than what is said to be used. You will not suddenly turn into a beast by doubling up on what you use. If anything, the only that will grow will be the odds that you end up having to go to the doctor after doing something so crazy. Plan ahead and work the costs of the initial supplements that you want to get into your budget. Plan ahead and set back a certain amount for what you are going to need, this way when you need something restocked you will not be caught off guard. Even though, you might feel like you are suffering from supplement-overload, don’t worry, it is a common feeling. Simply work these items into your budget, as you would with any kind of cost, and you will be a planning ahead pro in no time!

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How Heavy of Weight Should I Be Using?

We get this question a lot, it is too confusing to enter a loaded up weight rack and know which type to choose. If you choose a weight load that is not heavy enough, it won’t actively work your muscles. Choosing to move weight that is too heavy for you to carry could harm you. I’m going to inform you about which school of thought I follow through you and then let you decide for yourself. There is also some new information floating around that puts a big twist on this question but we will get to that in a second. My opinion would always be to write up a mix of differing light and heavy lifts, incorporating them both into one awesome routine. I have never been one to put all of my eggs in one basket and I would never to that to my training. Different body types respond in various ways through strength training, it is best to try out alternate weight amounts to fine tune where you are able to carry out effective lifting.

What is truly hard to believe is that, studies are showing, you might not have to struggle with heavy sets of weight much longer. With participants in these new findings having nearly the same strength as ones that used only heavy weights, it is hard to argue that the golden rules of weightlifting could be all wrong. Arguing that training to failure is the key indicator of future growth, it is being said that weight size isn’t as important. I have always wondered what could be the end results, if I were to lift light weights but for really high reps. I’m not talking about stopping at twelve reps but trying to get to twenty five and higher, if I could. Training a muscle to failure means that you are going to be working it to the point of exhaustion.

This style of training, being one of high intensity, is destined to provide what any avid gym goer would want. Having worked with both styles, I can safely say that if you are going for pure size than training to failure is like jumpstarting your muscles. Where you do stand on the thought of concentrating on failure training, instead of focusing on heavier weights? We will see how quick word will get around because I am positive that some of the keyboard professors will get in on this study, in an attempt to put it down. I like hearing the findings of these tests that were done, trying to awkwardly bring up something that is too heavy can really put you in danger. Working your muscles for such a long time that they fail will still bring you those next day cramps and minor aches. Pyramid training, in which you adjust what you lift per each set, has always been my go to for when I need to change they way I am built, working yourself to failure is just another form of the pyramid lifting.

Will the New Studies Have an Impact?

I prefer lifting heavy weights when I am working on larger groups but when focusing on  singular muscles, I can step down what I am lifting with. I am creating a new weekly lifting regimen that will apply the emphasis on failure resistance training. I look forward to giving the grunts and groans I make, when moving around overloaded equipment a rest!


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Make Room for Chocolate in Your Diet Regimen

You read all of the information from the so-called experts out there and it seems like they are flip flopping every week. First, you hear that one food is good for you and right after that they are all saying that it is bad for you. One of the foods that is so sought after is chocolate, what if I told you that this wonder food can actually help to lose more weight? Studies are actually showing that chocolate isn’t as much of a hindrance to staying skinny as has been told to us for years. Of course, you have to take everything in moderation and this sweet food is no exception. I wouldn’t go out and buy every candy bar that you can get your hands on, thinking that you will be dropping weight like crazy. There is no harm in keeping some chocolate on hand and eating a small amount when you feel the urge. As you know, chocolate milk has been named as a great post workout drink for recovery. Who knew that actual chocolate, in its purest form, would be associated with weight loss?

Now, the studies that were done did mention that the chocolate needed to be of the darker variety, meaning not the sweet tasting treat that you were most likely dreaming of. I used to have a bad desire to eat chocolate constantly and I wish that someone informed me of this study during that time. For anyone who is worried that they could end up seeing their face breakout in sets of pimples when consuming chocolate regularly, worry not, that is an old myth. I think that my parents told me about the dangers of chocolate giving me pimples, even though this wasn’t remotely true. Maybe mom and dad were hoarding all of the chocolate for themselves by telling me little white lies. Don’t go running and buying that first piece of chocolate that you see, 70% cocoa, or higher is what should be used to help lose more weight. Hearing about the required cocoa amount isn’t the greatest news for me, as I was planning on telling people that I could shed weight with just eating Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I admit, me and my stomach have a weak spot for that delicious chocolate and peanut butter mixture that I don’t know if I will ever shake. My reason for consuming these treats when I get done lifting is that they have peanut butter in them and that can’t be bad for trying to grow, right? The darker dark chocolate chocolates, ones in which the minimum percentage of cocoa will be in should have a bitter taste. If you have dug around those bags of mini bars, in search of the elusive simply dark chocolate bars, you will be in luck and should adjust to the higher cocoa amounts with ease. I can’t say that if I was serious about dropping some extra weight, that I would go for any candy over vegetables and meat but, to each their own. Lighten up and enjoy chocolate, in moderation, and sticking to a diet will not seem as hard. Call it a psychological impulse but including one or two snacks that you just can not go without will have you less likely to overindulge. You see, if you take every cheat food out of your eating routine and never indulge, you are driving on a road that has tons of twists and turns. This new and bumpier road that you are on will lead you right to temptation and back into the overeating that got you to need a change being made in your life, in the first place. Life doesn’t have to be as serious as those experts we talked about earlier would have you think.


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Can Lifting Weights Enhance Bone Density?

It has been well documented that weightlifting can be a great way to keep you looking and feeling great. I still remain amazed at learning about the benefits of regular weightlifting that have evaded me, over the years.  However, did you know that your bones can also get stronger by performing weight training? With milk being one of favorite drinks, I haven’t had too many issues with my bones. Having known people who have had bones break, I have heard that it is not an experience that I want to ever have happen to me. If you don’t think that broken bones can happen by surprise, tell that to someone I know that broke both of their wrists at the gas station. One quick fall brought this man’s hand to his chest, in an attempt to break his fall, and his wrists paid the price. If you have ever hurt your wrists, you know how it can feel to lose all of that freedom you once had. It appears that squats are going to be your best bone strengthening exercise, if you only want to pick just one.

Sticking with the same type of movement, I would also have to assume that leg presses are going to help out your bones, as well. The heavier lifts that will require the use of your entire body or, at least, most of it are going to be the best choices. Having stronger bones isn’t just something that was made up to sell milk, it is essential to avoiding a painful trip to the hospital! Having a big wall of muscle to help protect everything inside of it can’t help but make your chances of avoid an ambulance ride that much better. Hitting the weights as hard as you can isn’t going to entirely protect you from ever having the agony of a broken bone but a stronger foundation breaks down less easily.

bones in your leg

If you want to have another safety measure in place, after hearing about that fateful gas station story, milk is an amazing source of calcium. Also, if you are using any supplements, along with your training methods, you are likely to get more calcium. Not every study has agreed that bones can be strengthened through only physically demanding weightlifting but a large majority of them showed positive relationships. It is of the utmost importance that any of the exercises that help bring more resistance to your bones are performed in the correct manner. You stand a better chance of breaking your bones, through improper posture, than you would ever having a shot at making them stronger. If you don’t know how to properly do a squat, here is a site that could help you out. Being the team behind one of the best starter workout programs that got me my first taste of success, I highly recommend going to have a look at their site. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a weightlifting beginner anymore, there is still a ton of information at their site that always has me learning something I didn’t know. This should go without saying but please never just take a guess at how to carry out a weightlifting movement. If, by some chance, you get it right the first time, you are more likely to make a fool out of yourself.

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Microsoft Ending Xbox Workout Program Soon

If you have been using the Kinect accessory with your Xbox console to follow along with the free fitness videos they have, you could soon be in for a big surprise. The sunset plan will be removing the videos and workouts, contained within the Xbox Live service. Many users are fuming at hearing this announcement, arguing that the content they paid for is now being removed. I feel really bad for anyone who had purchased this content, only to end up not getting to use it. This situation is growing even worse for those who never got to once use the content that they paid for, only to hear about it being removed from the server. Yes, this means that, even if you purchased something and assumed you were going to be able to keep it, this content will be removed. I think that the sunset plan is a big blow to those who use their video game consoles to stay fit. I find it odd that this company has worked so hard to merge the fitness and video game crowd into one group, only to take away all of their content.

Hurry and Use The Fitness Videos While You Can

Perhaps, we could see Microsoft bending to the will of the people and reinstating the fitness content but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. From what I have heard, this sunset plan will not roll out entirely, until next year. If you have purchased any of the workout videos, for use with the Xbox console, you still a limited time to get the most out of the instructional workout videos. I love being able to enjoy new technology, like anyone else. As so many platforms of media have moved to a cloud type service, it does have its advantages. When I would want to workout at home, I didn’t miss having to load up the car and head down to my local game shop.

Using the new Xbox live system, it has been very easy for me not break a sweat tracking down the game that I needed. If it turns out that this technology means that I can’t keep content that I have paid hard-earned money for, I don’t know if this new way really is the best way. At least when I drove to the game store to get a game, I never had to worry about anyone coming into my house to take it away from me! There are Kinect games that you can buy physical copies of, to restock your library after the sunset plan wipes out all Xbox Fitness content. I understand that big companies like Microsoft can only allocate so much space to their wide array of games. It just makes for a headache when games that you use, along with content you have paid for, end up on the chopping block. I have seen many a person flip out when the servers for their online play end up getting cut off but losing what you have paid for is a slippery slope to find yourself on. I can only hope that the Xbox Fitness application being removed will bring us all a new and improved exercise program on this console! It is tough enough to find a good fitness game that fits your goals, taking them away can’t help the continued merging of gamers and the fit crowd.

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How to Start the Journey to Shredded Abs

You’ve been flipping through your favorite magazines and you keeping seeing a sight that makes you a little envious. The man on the cover has a physique that anyone would want but you are just focused on the abs. Ever since Brad Pitt played his role to perfection in Fight Club, men have sought after having a defined six-pack. I have some good and bad news, regarding information on how to start getting those abdominal muscles that you want. The good news is that anybody can have the kind of six-pack that makes people swoon.

I do have some bad news for you, as I bust down a bunch of half-truths that I have read about how to really get a better looking stomach. You have probably seen the people, with big bellies hanging out, spending their time at the ab station, sweating through crunches. With this in mind, the first exercise that you need to plan out is going to your pantry and cleaning it out of junk food. I know you were probably expecting some top secret exercise but I want to present you with truth, rather than false hope. If you hate working out and find it easier to look better by changing your diet, you will have a much easier time getting abs. If you are a person that hates dieting, it might take more time but you can still get the abs that you have always wanted. You don’t have to be some crazy person, inspecting every inch of the label and calculating everything, just to find out if a food you want is safe to eat.

better absIf you know one, I would say to meet up with a dietician to help you come up with a meal plan that is fit for you. Getting shredded abs is going to mostly be about reducing the fat that is your stomach, not by endlessly working out that specific muscle group. If you were wanting to get abs by only exercising, thinking that enough crunches will trim down all that fat, are in for a rude awakening. Also, you shouldn’t train your stomach every day, regardless of how bad your diet is, as abdominal muscles are very easy to pull. Because your abdominals are not built like the large muscle groups, like triceps, chest, and leg muscles, they will not hold up as well to increased resistance and repeated strain. I usually will only work out my abs once a week, once you have the fat trimmed down, the abs really start to pop out. From there, it just becomes a battle to stay on the new diet path that you have written up for yourself. If I had to put into percentages, I would say that getting a six-pack is about 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercising, does that help to put things in perspective? As far as the fancy as seen on television offerings that claim to sculpt abs in weeks, how effective do you think they will be? I’m sure that a few of these workout innovations probably are good for getting abs. However, no matter how many workout products you buy, if you don’t have a very low body fat percentage, your efforts will be in vain. Take it from someone who tried, for years, to get the abs I wanted through just working out, you have to have a fat burning diet setup and ready to use.

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Three Reasons Hiking is A Great Way to Exercise

Are you thinking about heading out into the open and taking up a nice hike? If hiking out in the open is a hobby that you already participate in, congratulations, you are doing yourself a service! If you aren’t much of the outdoorsy type, you may want to rethink this decision, as there are some great benefits for your overall health. Look closer at the reasons below that, if you want to stay healthy, deciding to hike could be the right decision for you to make!

Reason number one: You will lose more calories!

Hiking is all about getting up and getting moving, therefore it is a great method to utilize, if you are wanting to keep everything trim. Once you get your heart rate up to a certain amount of beats per minute, the body will start burning off calories as an energy source. Hiking is different from walking on a treadmill in the air conditioning. For one, temperature changes will have a varying effect on the amount of calories that you burn. Also, hiking is all about tackling terrain that will differ from step to step, keeping you on your toes (no pun intended).

Reason number two: You will be more interested in this activity.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that walking in place isn’t going to be the most fun thing in the world. If you are staying in one place, the scenery never changes and this saying has never been more true than when we apply it to exercise. When you are out in the wilderness on a hike, it isn’t just about exercising. As a matter of fact, you can escape from the world, while out on a hike. Chances are, you won’t even be paying that much attention to the effort that you are exuding and will be focused more on the scenery that is all around you.

hiking to be fit

Final reason: The possibilities are endless!

If you do decide that you enjoy a good hike and want to take it to another level, there are great hiking spots all across the world. There are endless resources to find that perfect hiking destination for you. Who knew that combining a hobby with getting in better shape could be so much fun? You can grab a map, pick a location, and head there to start your own aerobic workout. However, how far you can go will all have to do with your own personal comfort level.

Get that heart rate up, hit the trail, and start up a different approach to getting fit. Although, it isn’t for everybody, a good hike could be an activity to think about doing, as the weather outside stays at a nice temperature. The only drawback that most have, when it comes to hiking, is the weather and the fact that it doesn’t always cooperate with your plans. There are dangers to walking around outside when the temperatures are too hot or too cold. You could risk passing out and when you are in the wilderness, away from most of civilization, that isn’t really a good idea. Take this piece of advice, from someone who has been hiking a time or two, wear comfortable shoes! Nothing can derail a good hike quicker than lugging around in heavy footwear, you will be doing more harm for yourself than good, in this situation.

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How to Effectively Bulk Cleanly

Bulking up is a process known to bodybuilders as a way to gain more weight, emphasizing on lean gains. There are two ways that you can go about bulking, which are clean or dirty. Get your mind out of the gutter, a dirty bulk is when there are, basically, no rules. If you want to gorge yourself with fast food, go for it, this is the essence of a dirty bulk. Being far easier than clean bulking, having no rules or exceptions when you bulk can lead to the obvious problem of fat gains.

When you get that first dose of weightlifting hunger, where you almost seem like you are in a constant state of hunger, the dirty bulk was my first pick. For some background on me, I was very skinny before I decided to bulk up. If you don’t care about having a little bit of a gut, you should definitely go with the dirty bulk, as it is much easier to commit to. For those of you who have been lifting for a longer amount of time, you will probably want to bulk cleanly.

A clean bulk is all about watching what you eat, you should be lifting weights to help bulk up, regardless of which way you choose to gain weight. Dedication and perseverance are two main traits that a clean bulk will take, you still have freedom to eat a select few of the foods that you want, gaining less extra fat in the process. How you will want to look, during your bulk, will help to determine which kind of bulking person you will end up being.

If time is an issue, you can get some extra help through using supplements. Being that it is the process in the title, a bulking stack is often seen as a great option. Stacking together different ways to help bulk you up, even more than the food that you are eating, is great for either a clean or dirty bulk. It is no wonder why so many use supplements to bulk up quicker, there are no additional calories to make that waistline grow, that is a part of the body that you DO NOT want to bulk up.

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Starting A Workout Program You Will Finish

A woe that we have all shared, at one time or another, was getting started exercising. They say that a journey of a thousand miles will begin with a single step, this hold true for working out. Let me tell you some cold hard truth, when you workout for the first time, it might feel strange. You will be wondering if you are doing the exercises the right way, while fearing that you are doing them wrong. The good news is that every single one of us started in the same position that you were in, it’s all good! Muster up some confidence, get that workout gear on, and realize why you are starting such an endeavor, which brings me to my first piece of advice. Realizing why you are exercising and keeping that reason in the forefront of your mind will help you stick to a workout program. From losing weight to wanting to stick around longer, everyone has that one main reason that drives them to keep coming back to the gym. If you don’t have a reason, find one, it could be the one thing that keeps you going, even at the toughest of times.

Pick the Right Fitness Routine!

I would also advise you to setup a program that is fitting to your goals and abilities. Don’t panic at first, you can always change the routine that you are using, if it feels too challenging or not challenging enough. If you are spending most of your workout time on a treadmill and you want to get large, you are using the wrong workout program. On the flipside of that, if you are wanting to get skinnier but are spending most of your day weightlifting, you are going to get mixed results, at best. Have a good mix of different exercises, keep the ones you like most and ditch the rest of them. By doing this, you will have a more diversified lifts to use. In the old days, you would always hear that you should be stretching before a workout. Unfortunately, it turns out that this kind of stretching can actually raise your risk for injury. Which brings me to my final point, always read up on exercising. By learning new information like: results of studies, news stories, etc, you will stay up-to-date and it will keep you more informed.

success with starting workouts

As with anything, staying informed about something that you care about is always a smart move. Starting off in any endeavor is always going to be a bit nerve-wracking, nevertheless, do your best to stick to a fitness program and it will get easier. There will be those bad days but don’t let them get you down. Instead, prepare for a boost of self-confidence, in a way that you probably never thought you would have. You will sweat but think of each drop as a commitment to new lifestyle. Enjoy the journey, with a newfound sense of strength and looking good! Unless you want to be a walking pain, you have got to begin a fitness program as just that, a beginner. Stick with short bursts of exercise during those first weeks. When you begin at a slower pace, you are more likely to stick to a fitness program. Taking baby steps is the best avenue to go down if you want to really commit to getting fit. Those who are starting out and trying to set a new world strength record are only going to end up with two things: injuries and soreness.

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Why I Don’t Workout on Vacation

It is time to travel and escape that boring job for many months. You have stayed overtime and put in the hours needed to get ahead. Now, it is time for the vacation that you have always wanted but there is a problem. How are you going to be able to maintain such a strict diet and vigorous workout routine while away from home? My honest answer would be to use common sense. If you need a salad at dinner, eyeball the menu of wherever you are eating and do your best. If you spill over your calorie limit for the day by a couple hundred or more, you will be just fine.

Often, the fitness-obsessed among us will start panicking once they set their bags in their room, worried that they will freak out if they don’t get a workout in. First, sit down and let yourself chill out. There have been many studies done that actually suggest a one week break where you don’t lift weights or perform intense exercises for a week or more. Head over to the main desk of the hotel that you will be staying at and see what they have to say. Oftentimes, their jobs are to recommend services tailored to the guest needs and trust me, you aren’t going to be one of the first who are wanting to be fit.

working out in hotels

For example, when I recently stayed in Mexico, I was needing something to get my workouts in and I went to the front desk to see what they could do for me. They recommend a hike that was sure to be intense. I figured that would be a great way to start the day and off I went to the bus to my destination. I was so excited to challenge myself while on vacation, I am always looking for something to raise my adrenaline. The hike got me away from the work world that I wanted to escape for a while and it kept it pumped up. I was so ready to get back on the bus when I was done, I have to admit that I couldn’t keep up and had to call it quits early. After I came back to the front desk, all tired and sweaty, I gave him a tip and a thank you for one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Make Sure You Ask the Locals for Directions to Workout Centers!

Make friends with the hotel staff, they have often lived in the area and will be most valuable to find the hidden gems in their community. I often see people asking fellow travelers about what to do on a faraway trip, which amuses me. Why would you ask someone what to do to stay fit and workout on a vacation when they are in the same boat as you? Many hotels will have gyms setup within them, where you can bust out some reps to stay nice and buff at the beach. Another tidbit if your hotel doesn’t have a gym would be to lookup any local fitness centers or gyms, check around and you really end up surprising yourself. Listen to the locals can also be applied while you are out shopping at local spots. This is a wise tip if your front desk person is elderly or someone that you know does not see a gym very often.


Pound Brings Drumming to the World of Fitness

There is a new innovative fitness class going on right now but it has opinions split. This new trend, in a series of new ways to get in shape, is called pound. While you may think it sounds like some sort of boxing or MMA program, you couldn’t be further from the truth. What this program is would be a class where you’re surrounded by people who are air drumming. The class will provide you with two drumsticks but the rest of the effort is up to you. I’m not making this up, this is a real fitness class. I don’t know who the person is the came up with this crazy idea but it is starting to gain traction. First, if you were wanting to learn the drums, there are much better ways to do this. Buy a cheap drum set or you can use one of those video game controllers to take some steps to learn how to drum. If you want to exercise, there are about 1 million other ways to do it that would be more beneficial for you. Sitting around with a group of people pretending to drum does not sound like a way that I would want to work out.

pounding drums

Hazards I could think of in this class is what could happen when you have a group of people flailing her arms around holding sticks, what happens if sticks go flying around the room? To me, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, if someone were to get hit in the face with one of those drumsticks. Also, what body parts are actually being worked out in a pound class? I can imagine the drumsticks are that heavy, so I don’t really see any benefit for your muscles. From what I have seen of this class, it also looks like people are sitting down for a majority of the time. What kind of cardio workout has you sitting down all of the time? I wouldn’t think that it would be possible to really feel the burn while taking one of these classes. I’m sure that they aren’t experiencing any lack of participants for their classes, people are always willing to try the latest thing.

What is the Next Hip Workout Trend?

As a matter of fact, we have actually covered a lot of these new ways to work out. What doesn’t surprise me is how quickly these programs rotate in and out of being fashionable. We could see the future where these pound classes start showing up everywhere but for now, I’m not so convinced.  Already feeling heat from others around the Internet, this new fitness trend doesn’t seem to be making the waves that some thought it would, initially. If you want to be a weekend rockstar, you could really get some enjoyment out of these pound classes. I suppose that I will stick with Rock Band, the video game, when I want to bust out drumsticks and feel like I am the next drum master. The Pound fitness program and starting in California, where it remains to be seen if it will spread to other states. I’m sure that there will be a market for this and that there will be groups of people eager to try this new way of staying fit. Perhaps they should make goggles a requirement, so that no one gets hit by flying drumsticks.