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How to Start the Journey to Shredded Abs

You’ve been flipping through your favorite magazines and you keeping seeing a sight that makes you a little envious. The man on the cover has a physique that anyone would want but you are just focused on the abs. Ever since Brad Pitt played his role to perfection in Fight Club, men have sought after having a defined six-pack. I have some good and bad news, regarding information on how to start getting those abdominal muscles that you want. The good news is that anybody can have the kind of six-pack that makes people swoon.

I do have some bad news for you, as I bust down a bunch of half-truths that I have read about how to really get a better looking stomach. You have probably seen the people, with big bellies hanging out, spending their time at the ab station, sweating through crunches. With this in mind, the first exercise that you need to plan out is going to your pantry and cleaning it out of junk food. I know you were probably expecting some top secret exercise but I want to present you with truth, rather than false hope. If you hate working out and find it easier to look better by changing your diet, you will have a much easier time getting abs. If you are a person that hates dieting, it might take more time but you can still get the abs that you have always wanted. You don’t have to be some crazy person, inspecting every inch of the label and calculating everything, just to find out if a food you want is safe to eat.

better absIf you know one, I would say to meet up with a dietician to help you come up with a meal plan that is fit for you. Getting shredded abs is going to mostly be about reducing the fat that is your stomach, not by endlessly working out that specific muscle group. If you were wanting to get abs by only exercising, thinking that enough crunches will trim down all that fat, are in for a rude awakening. Also, you shouldn’t train your stomach every day, regardless of how bad your diet is, as abdominal muscles are very easy to pull. Because your abdominals are not built like the large muscle groups, like triceps, chest, and leg muscles, they will not hold up as well to increased resistance and repeated strain. I usually will only work out my abs once a week, once you have the fat trimmed down, the abs really start to pop out. From there, it just becomes a battle to stay on the new diet path that you have written up for yourself. If I had to put into percentages, I would say that getting a six-pack is about 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercising, does that help to put things in perspective? As far as the fancy as seen on television offerings that claim to sculpt abs in weeks, how effective do you think they will be? I’m sure that a few of these workout innovations probably are good for getting abs. However, no matter how many workout products you buy, if you don’t have a very low body fat percentage, your efforts will be in vain. Take it from someone who tried, for years, to get the abs I wanted through just working out, you have to have a fat burning diet setup and ready to use.

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