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Are High-Protein Meals as Good as We Thought?

It’s likely that many people have seen one of the many diet commercials on television. Usually, these diets will range in difficulty but one that has remained widely used has been the high protein diet after all, we know that protein is great for building muscle and it leaves you feeling full so it sounds like all is well, right? Actually, eating all of those meets me aid in giving you a flatter stomach but it won’t protect you from a major disease that affects many people. Interestingly enough, there have been scientific studies done that show when you’re trying to lose weight, while eating a diet that is high in protein, you run a higher risk of potential of developing a diabetic condition. When you do switch to a high-protein diet, with the intent of losing weight, you are still cutting out important necessities that make up a balanced diet.

Grilling Out has it's disadvantages!
Grilling Out has its disadvantages!

Yes, it is true, that we do occasionally need sugars and fats, However, that’s not to say that fats should be consumed every day. If you can think back to the days where you learned about the food pyramid, these are the sort of guidelines that you want to be thinking about when deciding what to eat daily. While there isn’t anything wrong with eating meat, just try to limit your intake to a specific amount. When you set a required amount of food that you will be eating, you’ll be more able to easily adhere to these new changes, than if you were overindulging.

Another situation that you can apply to your own daily food intake would be to try and consumer more white meat versus red meat. I’m a big lover of steaks and hamburgers but you have to realize that you can’t eat that every day, there are just too many health risks associated with doing that. It isn’t great to consume meat all of the time, substituting a steak for a piece or two of grilled fish is a way to, at least, ensure that you are getting meat that is low in fat. If you don’t enjoy fish, there are other seafood options, such as: shrimp, oysters, and crab. I’ve known folks in my life that were repulsed by even a simple sniff of seafood so if you’re in need of a different white meat, think about getting some chicken or pork. Pork chops are an inexpensive meat type that you can do a lot with, provided you’ve got some spices and condiments in your home.

I love being a carnivore as much as the next person does but you have to know when it is important to set limits. In my younger days, I would not often spend any time worrying about what I was eating but take it from me, when you start getting a little older, every food choice adds up. Remember, food is our fuel and if we use bad fuel in a car, you can’t expect it to go very far. As it turns out, a high protein diet can be right for those who can still maintain a healthy weight. However, when it comes to losing weight with the aid of large quantities of protein, I would watch out for the looming threat of creating a diabetic environment.

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