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Phony Radio Advertisement Shuts Down Supplement Company

It seems that companies will try just about anything these days. One supplement company is in hot water after they created deceptive marketing tactics. The makers of CogniPrin and FlexiPrin had come up with some very odd tactics to convince the public. This company had created a long radio advertisement that was disguised as a news report. The first problem was that this advertisement was a whopping thirty minutes long. Having a commercial that runs for thirty minutes is a very deceptive tactic to use. Also, there were medical experts that were used for these advertisements. However, the problem with the experts used by these companies was that they weren’t experts at all. I couldn’t believe that lengths that one company would go to in order to sell a product. I wonder which stations even allowed such a long commercial to be aired!

This case is part of a recent trend I’ve noticed of supplement advertisements appearing as news shows. You’ve likely flipped through the channels late at night and seen similar advertisements. Certain companies try very well to ensure that their ads are thought of as something else. You will see news anchors and an overall set that appears to be legit. I believe that the goal of these programs is to confuse viewers into thinking they are not watching an ad. If you think that what has been done so far is bad, you’ve not heard anything yet. The other problem that landed these supplements in hot water was flat out false claims. In these commercials, there were specific facts about the benefits of CogniPrin and FlexiPrin.

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As it turns out, the claims made by these companies didn’t turn out to be true, if you can believe that. Let’s see, this company made their commercials into fake news shows, they used fake experts, and their claims were complete lies! Wow, I am very glad that this company got the rug pulled out from under them. There could have been people that really could have ended up hurt from using bad supplements. One of the most shocking facts about this whole baffling incident was that CogniPrin was a supplement targeted to those with poor brain function. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these people were most likely targeting the elderly. Perhaps this case will start to bring about the end of those cheesy fake news advertisements. I don’t think that anyone believes they aren’t watching a thirty minute commercials.

Maybe if those companies stepped up their production budget, most of them could become more convincing. If anyone has cable or satellite, you’ll find the titles on the guides for these advertisements can be hilarious. If it wasn’t bad enough that some companies are trying to be like news shows, it get worse. Apparently, someone told these companies about catchy titles. Now, all I see are paid programming titles that are made to look like those of other shows. For example, a recent show I saw was titled King of Greens, surely made to try and fool fans of the television King of Queens! I think that the creators of supplements will be looking at the way they market their products a bit differently from now on. Have you seen advertisements that are made to look like another kind of television program? Let us know about them on our social media pages!

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