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Is Stress Sabotaging All of Your Hard Efforts?

stop worrying so muchAre you the type that is always worrying about things that haven’t even taken place yet? I used to be a constant worrier, until it started negatively impacting my health. I’m glad that I stopped letting those little worries turn into big fears and was able to beat stress, for good. Others, who aren’t as fortunate, have stress eat them up until it consumes them entirely. As if there weren’t already endless writers telling you that stress is bad for you, you probably already know that. However, what you could not be aware of, is that the daily stress can actually reverse the work that you put in, while you trained! Findings show that juggling too much and becoming stressed could add more fat accumulations onto yourself. If you’re the one who is sweating as much as they can, week after week, while always weighing the same, you could be under insurmountable stress.

So why does the big and bad enemy of all us, known as stress, cause increased fat storage? Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by all of us, one that is vital to living. This hormone affects your appetite and when stressors are having your cortisol levels increase, you react by eating more. The hunger signals that are sent out, tell your brain that you need to eat. What is really going on is that you aren’t any hungrier than you would have been, the cortisol just played a magic trick on your brain and it is one that always fools you. Since you can’t control how hungry an abundance of cortisol will lead you to be, there is only one hope: eliminating stress when you notice it. There are many various techniques tossed around about how to rid yourself of the stress that haunts your life. Instead of trying to tell you what did it for me, or overload you with endless possibilities, I suggest that you find your de-stressing technique. For me, it was taking thirty minutes, right before I would fall asleep, and listening to mediation tracks. It takes some getting used to but when I am having a day that just won’t end, turning on relaxing music with brainwaves puts me into a whole new world.

A repeating process can occur when you’re combining exercise into a stressful lifestyle, the effects of not seeing composition changes only adds to your burden. For the average worker, those feelings of a bad day can be easily washed away with an intense workout. It’s been a well-known fact that exercising can do wonders for lowering stress and controlling cortisol. As we all have different amounts of duties in our own lives, for those with too many obligations, turning up the intensity won’t be all that is needed to de-toxify from a limit-breaking week. I won’t lie, it isn’t always going to be possible to just avoid stress altogether, there will always be events that occur that we would rather not be a part of. You can browse through the bestsellers to find a method of teaching that will help you cope with stress, there are many available. If you aren’t a reader, look for some relaxing audio clips that you can load up while laying down. Truly attempting to tune out that voice we all know that wants to keep us biting our nails isn’t done in a day, with practice, you can finally shut those negative and stressful thought down and away from bothering you.

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