Three Signs to Toss Out A Supplement

I wanted to provide some information regarding when a supplement is ready to be tossed out. You should always check expiration dates, as they are the best indicator to judge when a product has expired. However, you could run into cases where a supplement’s expiration label isn’t there or is obscured.

Discoloration and Clumping
If anyone has ever opened an expired supplement, they will know the sight I am about to describe. Imagine that you are about to twist open the container of a supplement that you haven’t used in a while. You expect to see a bunch of powder that is all ready to be scooped up. Instead, you are treated to the horrifying sight of a bunch of dark colored clumps. Expired supplement powder actually resembles what would happen if someone was to pour water into your container and then close it off. This sight can be shocking to anyone but if you see it, you only need to do one simple thing: throw it away. I’ve been in desperate times and have tried to use a clumpy supplement, it didn’t work well. I was the person who tried to get those clumps broken up in any way possible. I had tried a sharp knife and an ice pick (almost stabbing my fingers in the process) and was finally able to break up a few chunks in a cup. As you have probably pictured, my mixing attempts were a workout in itself. First, I couldn’t get the giant clumps mixed ups so I had to start mashing my own cup. Many small waves of water cascaded over my kitchen as I was smashing a cup like a crazy person. After my efforts, I finally had a mixed up drink that probably never should have even been made. I was able to complete my workout with a bit more energy but it didn’t come close to that supplement in its prime.

Tastes Different
This is probably one of the easier signs to recognize, as it will only take one time. Supplements tastes vastly different and taste itself is subjective but we all know the difference between good and really bad. I remember having an energy supplement that was green apple that I loved. Apparently, I didn’t love it that much because I found a container of it in the back of my supplement closet. I was so excited to get some energy from this delicious green apple product that I didn’t see it has expired. When I took my first drink, all I could taste was water mixed with pepper. I’m not sure if there was actual pepper in that pre workout but it was not the green apple taste I had wanted!

Stops Being Effective
This is something you will have to assess with capsules, more than powders. If a supplement has stopped doing what it is supposed to, it could mean that it has expired. Sometimes, it can be impossible to find an accurate expiration date on your container, I’ve been there. I find that, if I can’t remember if a supplement is expired that means I won’t take it. With capsules, it is tougher to know if something has truly expired. If you try your old standby supplement and find it isn’t the amazing experience it once was, the potency of that supplement may not be there anymore.


Bored this Summer? Visit a Local Recreational Center!

For those who are lucky enough to not have a full time job, the summer can be a time where your schedule is freed up. Many shut themselves indoors and sit around, wasting the day away. What you can do instead, is to do yourself a favor while also feeling less guilty about how you spend the Summer. A recreational center is in almost every town, if you don’t live near one, there is probably one in the next town over. Most of these centers will have a membership fee that needs to be paid, prices will vary, depending upon the establishment. Once inside, you should be able to have access to a locker. I’m sure that you know about the workout equipment that they have, if not, you will be shocked at the sheer variety of what you can use. Beyond the usual barrage of weights, there is a wide variety of activities to choose from. I will use my own local rec center as an example, going forth. First, you can find some really cool racquetball rooms, which is such a funny sport to me. I get it, it takes work to bounce that ball across a room, I just have no idea how the game is played, and this is after watching people play it! I feel too intimidated to walk into one of those big glass rooms with a ball and racket by myself, I would look like a total nerd. None of my gym friends will ever venture into the racquetball area either, I must not ever be able to learn how to play that game.

Not Just for Racquetball Players, Anymore!

If you prefer to hit the ground running, there are nice indoor and outdoor running tracks, all with four lanes each. The whole lane painting puzzled me, until it was explained to me by a friendly employee. The four tracks are put in place because not everyone will be moving at the same speed, some will run, while the older will want to walk. Have you ever been in a mall, bound and determined to get where you are going in a hurry, only to have slow walkers block your path? A similar situation occurs when joggers need to get moving and are stuck in place by the ones who only want to walk at a slow pace. If you prefer an activity that has more of a competitive theme to it, there are great basketball courts, at most rec centers. My local center provides basketballs for free, while others may have you bring your own into the facility. I know that, once I walk into the front doors of the center in my area, I will immediately be greeted by the smell of chlorine and pop music blasted on the big speaker system. It could annoy the more temperate man but to me, it is a soothing and familiar part of the week that I have grown to love.

Set the video game controller down, turn off that laptop, and give a rec center a try. You can have an awesome time checking out the multide of activities that await you. From picking up on a local basketball game, taking a lap on the tracks, or figuring out how to play racquetball (let me know how to), running out of things to do and being bored will be a woe of the past!


Which Supplements are Better for Professional Weightlifters?

Which Supplements are Best for More Experienced Weightlifters?

As 2016 gets closer and closer, we are all reminded of the most common New Year’s Resolution, to get in better shape. Right up there with quitting smoking, this is a resolution that the most people out there go after. One thing this means is that your local gym is probably going to get very crowded during the first week of January, weather permitting. That is not always the most fun but know that it will begin to be a lot less crowded by February. This happens because most people can not keep up this resolution and I don’t blame them.

For new weightlifters, there is so many new things that they have to do and throw in supplements on top of that. One thing that we have heard mentioned would be the more powerful types of supplements called prohormones. It makes me so sad to look around in various bodybuilding forums around the internet and read about a 17 year old doing a log for a prohormone product. No one under 18 should even be near these things let alone taking a whole bottle of them. However, I will still see this continuing to happen all around the internet and it really is a shame.

I don’t want to sound like an old person or anything, but I got plenty big by doing three things: making sure I ate enough, taking my pre-workout before a workout, and lifting. Once I had those in check, I really had no way to not get bigger!

label pic

Although they work great for most who need them, this will need to be someone who is at least 18 years old. I am pretty sure that most prohormone type supplements even specifically state this on the label, so I do not hold them accountable for this stuff happening. We all, as a community have got to set a better example than this. We need to make sure that we are always helpful and caring for others, whether they like the answer or not. There is just no reason that people so young should be taking some of the supplements that they are taking. I think that it is a big factor in people ending up in the hospital, or worse.

My Final Take on This: Start Slow, Get Big First

So, everyone out there, leave the prohormones, any of them for that matter and the stronger supplements to experienced weightlifters. There is nothing wrong with a good stable diet and some protein powder while you are starting out. Also, if you are under 25, your testosterone levels still should be in good shape. Although there are cases where testosterone gets lost before 25, you would have to consult your doctor about getting all of that checked out. You can really risk a lot of health problems by not following the labels on supplements.


Free Fitness Boot Camps in your Area, What to Expect

Fitness Boot Camps: Free but Challenging!

One of the big recent trends in the fitness world is that of a free fitness boot camp. Yes, they are absolutely free and they are in certain areas, although most likely in bigger cities across America. During these free fitness boot camps, do not expect for something along the lines of breaking a single sweat. Although, some have different activities for all fitness levels, expect to be challenged at whatever level you choose to proceed with. They offer all kinds of activities and are usually held outside at somewhere like in football field or a large part. There was even one recent event where is celebrity was there, Randy Moss, the football player. Although it is uncommon for celebrities to show up at these free fitness boot camps, you never know. There may even be some local celebrities from your town that offer to volunteer to help coach these fitness the pants.

One thing you want to remember before attending one of these free fitness boot camp, is to consult your local doctor to make sure that your body is up for it. I know people here free attached to these and think that they should go immediately without checking up with any kind of medical professional but this is very dangerous to do. These fitness boot camps are held a couple of times a week and the crazy thing is that sometimes the celebrities were even purchase a paid in them along with the people. Many were surprised to find in the previously mentioned fitness boot camp that Randy Moss actually showed up and trained with these people throughout the duration of the fitness boot camps.

Another thing that is great about these fitness Boot Camp is it is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, like yourself. You can really make some friendships in there that can last a really long time and best of all it helps both of you achieve your fitness goals because having a partner with this type of thing is always best. I have even heard of a couple of my friends finding true love at these events, as cheesy as that sounds. So, do yourself the favor and as long as you are in the health to do it, I highly suggest that you go to one of these events. Even if you go to one, and find out that it is not for you, you can still say that you tried!