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Post-Workout Meals for Hardgainers

I often hear so many people who are concerned about having the best supplements that they often ignore the most important part of truly gaining more mass and that would be nutrition. It’s an unhealthy attitude when many who have just completed a big workout often times will ignore the critical window of getting protein into their body. Instead of having a nice meal prepared that will set them up to gain even more from all of their hard work, they waste the meal on junk food. Chalk it up to having an ego after you know that you’ve conquered a workout that was said in front of you but if you’re making bad food choices every time you work out, you won’t see the gains that you should be getting.

Even the biggest bodybuilders in the world know the importance of nutrition, it’s best to think of it having as much of an important place in your life as your training will. One bright spot that I can hopefully put into your day is that it’s been well known that chocolate milk is great for after workout recovery meals. Feel free to indulge in a big glass of chocolate milk but with that we’re also going to need some other elements of an important muscle building diet, namely protein and healthy fats. This might cause some of you to fight the urge to vomit on your keyboard but, if you can stomach it, tuna sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk are like a muscle building super meal.

I know for many that the combination of chocolate and tuna sounds nasty but once you try it, you’ll find that it’s really not that bad. Worse comes to worse you can down this meal in about two minutes and enjoy a nice cup of mouthwash afterwards. For those who are not wanting to dive into culinary extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, I’ve got another meal for you that you can try. Sharing together a nice glass of protein powder and milk, along with a high-protein cereal is a great way to have a post workout breakfast that will keep you energized all day. If you find that your body is sensitive to consuming milk, replace the milk in this writing with soy or almond milk. I’ve been able to try almond milk, as well as its soy product and can tell you that both are amazing alternatives to actual milk. I am always of the belief that anything can be improved upon, if you’ve got post workout meal is you’re trying that you really like, leave us an idea of what those meals are on our social media page.

I look forward to hearing from each and every reader that I can during the week and questions that I receive like what kind of post workout meals are best often give me a great chance to speak with each and everyone of you. I was able to talk about this with a group of people at a recent event and I heard some delicious ideas already. One of them was adding rice or sweet potatoes into a post workout meal, which is an awesome idea. If you need to fight off cravings for something like a candy bar, a sweet potato with just the right amount of butter can really change your perception of a vegetable.

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Are High-Protein Meals as Good as We Thought?

It’s likely that many people have seen one of the many diet commercials on television. Usually, these diets will range in difficulty but one that has remained widely used has been the high protein diet after all, we know that protein is great for building muscle and it leaves you feeling full so it sounds like all is well, right? Actually, eating all of those meets me aid in giving you a flatter stomach but it won’t protect you from a major disease that affects many people. Interestingly enough, there have been scientific studies done that show when you’re trying to lose weight, while eating a diet that is high in protein, you run a higher risk of potential of developing a diabetic condition. When you do switch to a high-protein diet, with the intent of losing weight, you are still cutting out important necessities that make up a balanced diet.

Grilling Out has it's disadvantages!
Grilling Out has its disadvantages!

Yes, it is true, that we do occasionally need sugars and fats, However, that’s not to say that fats should be consumed every day. If you can think back to the days where you learned about the food pyramid, these are the sort of guidelines that you want to be thinking about when deciding what to eat daily. While there isn’t anything wrong with eating meat, just try to limit your intake to a specific amount. When you set a required amount of food that you will be eating, you’ll be more able to easily adhere to these new changes, than if you were overindulging.

Another situation that you can apply to your own daily food intake would be to try and consumer more white meat versus red meat. I’m a big lover of steaks and hamburgers but you have to realize that you can’t eat that every day, there are just too many health risks associated with doing that. It isn’t great to consume meat all of the time, substituting a steak for a piece or two of grilled fish is a way to, at least, ensure that you are getting meat that is low in fat. If you don’t enjoy fish, there are other seafood options, such as: shrimp, oysters, and crab. I’ve known folks in my life that were repulsed by even a simple sniff of seafood so if you’re in need of a different white meat, think about getting some chicken or pork. Pork chops are an inexpensive meat type that you can do a lot with, provided you’ve got some spices and condiments in your home.

I love being a carnivore as much as the next person does but you have to know when it is important to set limits. In my younger days, I would not often spend any time worrying about what I was eating but take it from me, when you start getting a little older, every food choice adds up. Remember, food is our fuel and if we use bad fuel in a car, you can’t expect it to go very far. As it turns out, a high protein diet can be right for those who can still maintain a healthy weight. However, when it comes to losing weight with the aid of large quantities of protein, I would watch out for the looming threat of creating a diabetic environment.

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Are Step Trackers Slowly Waning?

With stiff competition, it looks like Fitbit is having a rough go with recent sales. It appears that there are some shifting mindsets that are causing the Fitbit to be the hot commodity that it once was. One reason I would attribute the slower sales of this device to would have to the time of the year. The weather is starting to turn cooler and parents are getting their pack all ready for school to be starting up. As our schedules begin to have more tasks added onto them, the worry of how many steps someone made falls to the back burner. I know that I still see many people with their Fitbits, or whichever brand you prefer, with their bands proudly displayed around their arms. I know that the Fitbit people must have done something right because I am seeing more devices trying to offer similar products. One troubling statistic showed that, after a while, people are just not hanging on for the long haul. I can easily see why users just drop off of the map after a while, it all has to do lack of determination.

runnerNot to call anyone out, I suffer from lack of wanting to move at times, we all do. The trick to getting over a lack of enthusiasm, is to not let it take such a hold over your life. I also would say that misconceptions about how long it takes to really start looking good has got some mistaken, expecting instant slim downs. Anything that has a tracker is going to have to do with progress that is continuously made. Honestly, if you are exercising after six months of taking up the hobby, consider yourself lucky. For many without the same level of seeing a task through to the end, they wind up just another lost statistic. Take it from someone who has started and stopped more exercises than you could think about, if you get back into the habit, you can always start over again. What holds back the majority is the false assumption that ending exercising, whatever ones you may utilize, means you have failed. I hate the word failure, I wish that it didn’t exist because it is so final. It personally affects me when I see someone start off with all of the potential in the world, only to squander it because they weren’t beach ready in a month. So what if you missed the last week of running, that’s what the next week is for!

It could stand to reason that maybe the ones getting their trackers knew that it was only going to be a temporary distraction, which is terrible. However, the current waning in the sales of Fitbit doesn’t mean that they are going anywhere. I love my Fitbit and always have it by me, as I’m constantly moving around (much to the chagrin of my friends) and I love knowing how much I’ve done for myself. Something we learn early on in life is to try and understand everyone else’s perspective, not just your own. Practicing what I preach, if anyone around you looks like they are just about ready to throw in the towel, with their exercising habits, set them straight. We don’t have to be mean to get others committed to their working out, just friendly encouragement, you will be amazed at how far that can take you.

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The Genius Idea of how ITV Challenges you to Get Fit

You can’t say that British television stations don’t have guts. About a week ago, there was one broadcaster that wanted to give the men and women of England an incentive to get out of their house and start getting fit. Someone who should have earned a bonus for creating the idea had a simple one, we will just turn our station off. I’m not a media major but the potential risks and costs that come with losing viewers and advertisers was small enough of a price to pay for iTv to hold strong and follow through with their decision. I don’t get those channels but had seen video of how iTV channels would look during the blackout, so to speak. What had been occurring during the time that channels were blacked out was a big opening of fitness centers, where you could visit for free, during that specific timeframe.

As it turns out, this idea wasn’t a flop, by any stretch of the imagination. While viewers went out and celebrated not only a free weekend at the gym, but a chance to not be glued to their television for a little while. Others took to Twitter to lampoon the tv company for their choice, adding in some mean and snarky comments, like the internet always does. I think that it was a risk-filled yet smart choice for the network. Just like with me, they are getting news stations talking and raising awareness to a growing worldwide obesity problem. I hate to sound like a cranky old man but when we were younger we spent most of our time outside, now there is so much technology that it makes it so boring to go into the outside world, what a shame. In America, I believe it was another network that had done this before in the past, as far as I know, it didn’t get the kind of attention that the decision of Itv has made. I am team GB is the title of the movement that is keeping channels switched off.

britan pledging for exercise

What an awesome way to take a small period of time to show your support for the athletes from your home country. I don’t know if we will ever see a blackout in America for our Olympic team but it would be a nice idea. Adding free activities with this channel blackout gives viewers options besides flipping channels. I would love for the channels I watch to notify me about what was going on in my community, especially if the events were free. I love hearing the woman’s voice, while the blackout is in effect, it makes me wish that I lived in England, getting the chance to leave my home and go into the world, ready to try out various sports. The gear I’ve seen being featured in their shop section is awesome, really cool shirt designs.

I don’t even live in England but I would more tempted to move, if I knew how good all of their clothes designs look. America may have taken home the most medals, but England was a close second, congratulations to an amazing country. Perhaps the blackout of the iTV channels will set the foundation for a future Great Britain Olympian to get his feet wet on the blackout day. Great things can come from humble beginnings, always remember that.

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Why Pokemon Go is Great for Trimming Down

slimming trainerIf you don’t know what a game called Pokemon Go is by now, you must have been very busy or you live under a rock. Either way, the game in which you collect little creatures hasn’t slowed down on the bestseller charts. Since the day it launched, I can’t go through one week without hearing it mentioned. I tried it out for myself and could easily see, within minutes, why so many are getting outdoors and collecting their favorite monster. It isn’t without its own dangers, all of which are attributable to bad people and not the game, many are finding themselves out of the house and outside. What you will notice is that this app gets you moving, right off the bat.

The style of Pokemon Go is that of map software, or the kind of HUD system, kind of like what is seen in Grand Theft Auto. While you are able to see a virtual version of you, in real-time, walk where you are walking. As you make a stroll down the location of your choosing, you will see these little creatures pop up, through your smartphone. There have been endless amounts of research that have gone into findings suggesting that younger people are staying inside more often. Being indoors and not getting the daily exercise that they should be, the Pokemon Go app is making big changes. Even in my little town, where our biggest landmark is a tiny lake, the craziness still lingers.

Many local residents have been making a stink about the infestation of Pokemon players but not because of their enjoyment of the game. What has been going down is that slow drivers, looking to catch every Pokemon, are having other residents frightened. According to what I have heard, you can see cars clogging up the roads, that expand over the entire course of the lake, just to get a glimpse at another creature to add to their collection. Do not play this game while driving, come on! For those who are choosing smarter actions, they are feeling the burn and enjoying the world around them. Being around Mother Nature, all while actively walking around is even aiming to help some gamers control their weight.

This game is free to get, which is a genius move, for a game that could have easily had people chomping at the bit to get their thumbs on it. Am I saying you should go and burn your gym membership, in favor of playing Pokemon? No, this game, as a fitness tool, is best used for those of whom would have never sought to change the course of their life before the game was released. The feeling of competition is shared and those looking to raise their trainer levels will go to greater lengths to make this dream a reality. The spirit of comradery will overtake those who may find a fellow journeyman along their quest to attain more of these virtual creatures. Next time you fire up this mobile craze, pack a step tracker with you, it will only add motivation when you see the fruits of your labor. For all of my fit freaks who picked up this craze, after you started exercising, don’t let the game replace your normal schedule. I love video games just as much as the next one but they can get addictive. I have had a few late nights of Fallout 4 totally wreck me getting any lifting done the next day, have more will to succeed than me.

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Make Room for Chocolate in Your Diet Regimen

You read all of the information from the so-called experts out there and it seems like they are flip flopping every week. First, you hear that one food is good for you and right after that they are all saying that it is bad for you. One of the foods that is so sought after is chocolate, what if I told you that this wonder food can actually help to lose more weight? Studies are actually showing that chocolate isn’t as much of a hindrance to staying skinny as has been told to us for years. Of course, you have to take everything in moderation and this sweet food is no exception. I wouldn’t go out and buy every candy bar that you can get your hands on, thinking that you will be dropping weight like crazy. There is no harm in keeping some chocolate on hand and eating a small amount when you feel the urge. As you know, chocolate milk has been named as a great post workout drink for recovery. Who knew that actual chocolate, in its purest form, would be associated with weight loss?

Now, the studies that were done did mention that the chocolate needed to be of the darker variety, meaning not the sweet tasting treat that you were most likely dreaming of. I used to have a bad desire to eat chocolate constantly and I wish that someone informed me of this study during that time. For anyone who is worried that they could end up seeing their face breakout in sets of pimples when consuming chocolate regularly, worry not, that is an old myth. I think that my parents told me about the dangers of chocolate giving me pimples, even though this wasn’t remotely true. Maybe mom and dad were hoarding all of the chocolate for themselves by telling me little white lies. Don’t go running and buying that first piece of chocolate that you see, 70% cocoa, or higher is what should be used to help lose more weight. Hearing about the required cocoa amount isn’t the greatest news for me, as I was planning on telling people that I could shed weight with just eating Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I admit, me and my stomach have a weak spot for that delicious chocolate and peanut butter mixture that I don’t know if I will ever shake. My reason for consuming these treats when I get done lifting is that they have peanut butter in them and that can’t be bad for trying to grow, right? The darker dark chocolate chocolates, ones in which the minimum percentage of cocoa will be in should have a bitter taste. If you have dug around those bags of mini bars, in search of the elusive simply dark chocolate bars, you will be in luck and should adjust to the higher cocoa amounts with ease. I can’t say that if I was serious about dropping some extra weight, that I would go for any candy over vegetables and meat but, to each their own. Lighten up and enjoy chocolate, in moderation, and sticking to a diet will not seem as hard. Call it a psychological impulse but including one or two snacks that you just can not go without will have you less likely to overindulge. You see, if you take every cheat food out of your eating routine and never indulge, you are driving on a road that has tons of twists and turns. This new and bumpier road that you are on will lead you right to temptation and back into the overeating that got you to need a change being made in your life, in the first place. Life doesn’t have to be as serious as those experts we talked about earlier would have you think.


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Microsoft Ending Xbox Workout Program Soon

If you have been using the Kinect accessory with your Xbox console to follow along with the free fitness videos they have, you could soon be in for a big surprise. The sunset plan will be removing the videos and workouts, contained within the Xbox Live service. Many users are fuming at hearing this announcement, arguing that the content they paid for is now being removed. I feel really bad for anyone who had purchased this content, only to end up not getting to use it. This situation is growing even worse for those who never got to once use the content that they paid for, only to hear about it being removed from the server. Yes, this means that, even if you purchased something and assumed you were going to be able to keep it, this content will be removed. I think that the sunset plan is a big blow to those who use their video game consoles to stay fit. I find it odd that this company has worked so hard to merge the fitness and video game crowd into one group, only to take away all of their content.

Hurry and Use The Fitness Videos While You Can

Perhaps, we could see Microsoft bending to the will of the people and reinstating the fitness content but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. From what I have heard, this sunset plan will not roll out entirely, until next year. If you have purchased any of the workout videos, for use with the Xbox console, you still a limited time to get the most out of the instructional workout videos. I love being able to enjoy new technology, like anyone else. As so many platforms of media have moved to a cloud type service, it does have its advantages. When I would want to workout at home, I didn’t miss having to load up the car and head down to my local game shop.

Using the new Xbox live system, it has been very easy for me not break a sweat tracking down the game that I needed. If it turns out that this technology means that I can’t keep content that I have paid hard-earned money for, I don’t know if this new way really is the best way. At least when I drove to the game store to get a game, I never had to worry about anyone coming into my house to take it away from me! There are Kinect games that you can buy physical copies of, to restock your library after the sunset plan wipes out all Xbox Fitness content. I understand that big companies like Microsoft can only allocate so much space to their wide array of games. It just makes for a headache when games that you use, along with content you have paid for, end up on the chopping block. I have seen many a person flip out when the servers for their online play end up getting cut off but losing what you have paid for is a slippery slope to find yourself on. I can only hope that the Xbox Fitness application being removed will bring us all a new and improved exercise program on this console! It is tough enough to find a good fitness game that fits your goals, taking them away can’t help the continued merging of gamers and the fit crowd.

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New Nutritional Labels to Bring Increased Transparency

Throughout the past decade, we have seen changes in the way that products are labeled. You have to remember that the labels that show everything that is in a particular item, were not always around. As time has gone by, these labels have grown more and more sophisticated. One can pull a product up and instantly read about every single ingredient in it. It looks as if there will be some more advancements coming a label near you soon. Calling for a more truthful stance on the items that we consume every day, we continue to see more changes being made. There is a new idea being tossed around about something that is a little bit different on these labels we all see everyday.

This innovation would have a picture showing how much exercise it will take to burn off the calories of said food item. My first instinct is to wonder how they are going to fit all of this information on our, already crammed labeling system. The other part of me, that hates tracking every single thing that I eat, would actually welcome these potential new changes. My only dilemma would be understanding how they are going to fit so many different kinds of exercises on their labels. As you know, no one person works out the same way and will commonly use a number of different exercises together. For example, if all the labels are geared toward more cardio, how will people that only do strength training know how long to lift?

I think that it does take some of the joy out of indulging in junk food, which we are all entitled to. Could you imagine seeing how much effort it would take to burn off the last fast food meal you got? The thought of that alone scare me and maybe that is the goal of the group tasked with getting these labels onto products. I don’t think that certain food and drink companies will let this decision pass so easily but I guess we will just have to wait and see. It might not be a matter that the big companies are even allowed to have an opinion in, depending upon how far this measure would end up reaching. The tests that are being done on this movement, currently show that many people would actually avoid the least healthy food option, when they see it in terms of actions that they will need to take.

As there are currently some concept designs for what these futuristic labels would look like, I think that they could become a big hit. This is all being said from the standpoint of someone who enjoys and practices daily fitness. One can’t help but wonder if this message of how much activity is required to burn of that candy bar will be lost on those who have no desire to get in shape. For them, this decision to label their food or drink differently could be ignored altogether. I still think that there will need to be more accurate information presented over where the country stands with this decision before we see anything too concrete. Where do you stand on this issue? Would you like to see more information being presented on the labels, not having to do with ingredients but how long you would need to jog to burn off that order of french fries?


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Micro Workouts Form Substantial Improvements

As we all deal with our own hustle and bustle that comes with completing an average day, exercising isn’t always as easy to complete, let alone start! If you are about to pull your hair out trying to implement a legitimate workout schedule with all that you have to do, micro exercising could be the answer you have been waiting for! The theory behind this way of exercising that is growing in popularity is small improvements made over time. That way of thinking is the basis behind large changes in your life. I believe that why so many people are down on themselves is because they think that if something takes a long time, it isn’t worth doing. What saddens me about thinking like that is that, I have found, the opposite to be true. I find that tasks that take a longer time will often correlate with having the most to gain from completing said task.

New types of fitness enthusiasts aren’t going to let the nine to five life hold them back from staying healthy. For instance, one on-the-go gentlemen prefers to take stairs wherever he can, even during travel! This mindset to never let life get in the way of staying fit is inspiring. It makes me think back to all of the times I passed on exercising, just because I wasn’t near my gym of choice. It sorts of makes me feel like a spoiled brat who has more excuses than common sense, sad but true. This way of exercising whenever possible is not lost on makers of cell phone applications. You can easily find many different apps designed with the user being on the go, in mind. Be warned, however, those looking for an easy path may be better suited looking elsewhere. I remember an old fitness app that I used to use, with the goal of a quick exercise.

finding the timeI have tried various fitness programs, from the tame to the grueling, and trying a micro workout app was one of the most challenging things that I had done. I enjoy my resting time in between sets, of which I had almost none with the app that I got. Honestly, that particular app was many phones ago and I can’t currently find it on any section of the app store. No worries though as there are many more that have swooped in to take its place. After the soreness and fatigue I experienced trying to following this trend, I will be sticking with my old school style of working out. That style being the guy who is covered in sweat and gasping for air in between heavier sets.

Why I am Sticking with the Old School Approach

Sure, it could take me over an hour to finish a workout but this is my own personal speed at handling things and I am perfectly fine with that. I have no doubt that I will leaving those quick and intense style of exercise for those who can handle it, I know that I sure can’t! It is no wonder that many moms are the leading voices in favor of a new way of staying in good shape. Mothers are some of the toughest people in the world, having one of the hardest jobs imaginable. I say with no humiliation at all that while I could be seen as someone you might not want to mess with, I am a wuss compared to these fit moms, utilizing methods to exercise that this grown man begging for mercy!


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Defending the Instagram Post of Fit Personality Chontel Duncan

Setting aside all of the news we have been hearing about candidates slinging dirt in every way possible, there is another person being targeted. Setting aside politics and talking about fitness, a mother-to-be has drawn the ire of many just by posting some workout videos? How did this firestorm come to be, with many leveling some serious claims against her? The video that Chontel Duncan had put up on her Instagram was of her doing some moderately intense exercising, the key to this story was that she was visibly pregnant. Only she knows all of the details but she has apparently received some quite hateful responses to a seemingly innocent video.

This is one of the best examples of people jumping to conclusions that I have seen. Folks, Chontel is a fitness model, do you think that she would take any unnecessary risks? I don’t think that someone like her, whose job it is to be in killer shape, would do anything to put herself or child in danger. Sure, if I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t be in a gym but we are all different. This story has been looked upon with everyone focusing on the mental state of this woman that we are blinded to something very important. Instead of only focusing on how this mom chooses to exercise, shouldn’t we be disturbed at what people would attack a perfect stranger.

Why Everyone Needs to Chill Out for a Minute

Duncan has stated that there is a group of professionals monitoring what she should be doing while with child. After a bit of looking into this woman’s career, I am sure that she can afford some high-level pros to help her. I don’t think that we need a bunch of keyboard warriors hurling insults at a woman just trying to stay healthy. I have dealt with being bullied by people behind a keyboard and it isn’t fun. It is easy for someone to do the name-calling and insulting but when tables get turned, it doesn’t feel that easy at all. After what I have read, these barrages of hurtful words are not going to stop Chontel from living her life, so why not move on to something else? Let’s stop attacking her and put all of this behind us. Trust me, you are doing nothing but stressing out a woman by continuing with these needless attacks. There was a big incident that the Reddit community picked up on, where someone with Autism was being bullied relentlessly, for no other reason than immature people trying to be funny. It only seems that now, there are a big group of people with nothing better to do, that are acting like they wrote the book on being fit.

It isn’t unheard of for someone who is carrying a baby to do some light working out. I don’t see her trying to set any records, probably just some maintenance work.  After hearing about this, I had to watch the video for myself. Sure, she is using a dumbbell, so there are elements of weight training that is taking place. I am not a genius in the subject of anything having to do with maternity but I know stress isn’t all just physical. I am sure that leaving a pregnant woman a bunch of hateful messages probably is doing more damage to her, than some light exercising could do.