When You Eat is Nearly Important as What You Eat

If you’ve been worrying yourself sick over how many calories are in every food item you come across, I’ve got some good news for you. As it turns out, studies are showing that when you eat could be more important than what you’re eating. I remember working an odd job that presented long hours and not many opportunities for lunch. In hindsight, it was probably against employer rules to treat us how they did, but that’s besides the point. What this job left me with was an enormous appetite when I got off work. I started getting used to waking up at 8am, getting a small breakfast and working until 7:30pm, with no meals in between. Needless to say, I would be in such a hunger-induced frenzy that I would find the first drive-thru I could. This way of eating wasn’t just harmful to my body, it nearly drove me insane.

When I started that job, I probably weighed around 190lbs and by the time I left I was close to 220lbs and it wasn’t muscle I was gaining. What was happening was that, by having a large meal once per day, my body couldn’t naturally burn off the excess calories. We often think that, by eating less meals, we are doing ourselves a favor, which couldn’t be more from the truth. If you starve yourself throughout the day, the worst part is that this can become a hard to habit to break. It took me about three weeks, after leaving the previously mentioned job, to learn how to eat properly again. I know that may sound a bit over-dramatic but if you were in my shoes, you would realize how hard of a battle it was.

Now, I’m not saying that if you eat multiple times throughout the day, you can eat whatever you want, that’s not the case. However, if you eat smaller meals more frequently, you have a bit more wiggle room than someone who gorges themselves, all at once. When you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you are giving your body energy and most of it will have burned off. It’s almost as if the concern over what food we eat causes some to just throw their hands up and eat less. It’s easy to get burnt out on tracking your foods, it feels like someone is taking away your freedom. I’ve never been one to follow every rule and a diet is no exception. For most who are having difficulties with eating healthy, it’s likely that they haven’t found the right foods. I remember only knowing the fruits and vegetables that were forced upon me, when I was younger, so that I could get to the dessert already! Growing up, you have a lot more freedom and that certainly can play a big part in selecting new food. I know it may sound weird but the next time you go to the supermarket, have some fun! Try and pick out a new vegetable each time you visit the store, think of it as a treasure hunt for your new diet staple. At times, we must grow up from the old preconceived notions that we have about eating healthy. You don’t want to give up eating, instead of that choose healthier foods you like, have fun with it!


One Big Meal or Many Smaller Ones?

When trying to live a healthy lifestyle, what you eat will determine how adept you are to committing yourself. Even if you know the right foods to eat, knowing what times to eat them isn’t often thought of. Some will choose to eat one giant dinner, claiming that they are allowed to do so because of how long they waited to consume that meal. There are also other trains of thought that are all about dividing meals into smaller increments, eating five to six of these smaller servings per day. If you’re looking to gain fat, having a large dinner is how you would start adding on weight. When you don’t space out your food, you wind up with a belly full of fats and carbs that are moving too quickly to metabolize. When overeating, all of the food that can’t be processed in time have no choice but to end up being converted in body fat. Meal timing is an important concept that is easy to understand. Those who eat smaller meals, more often will have an easier time managing their weight, due to enough time being given for metabolism to burn off the food. It is a myth that someone who eats all day will end up getting fat, if that’s true, look at how bodybuilders eat.

I’ve watched Ronnie Coleman, one of the most awarded bodybuilders of all time, take down a number of meals in a day that I probably consume in three or four of them! If you’re not convinced yet, let’s look at my own personal feedback after trying these diets separately. I used to have a job that left me with only a small window at night to have dinner. It could have been the depression that was starting to set in from working such long hours (it was not a fun time for me) but I would just pig out for dinner, often eating two meals in one sitting. Over time, my body became used to one meal a day and it really took better habits to get myself out of that rut. After I finally started incorporating a set time for breakfast and lunch, I wanted to see if there were any benefits to the smaller meal school of thought. What I immediately noticed was how much I enjoyed not hearing my stomach gurgle all day!

Although you can form habits that will get you used to eating one meal a day, it isn’t good for you and you’ll have to fight through your stomach feeling like it is twisted in knots. While not impossible, it is definitely hard to try and lift weights, after fasting all day. As our bodies use energy from food to power us, trying to lift with no food in your body is like trying to use a bicycle with no pedals. Overall, I highly enjoyed having smaller meals more often, as opposed to waiting the whole day to pig out on one dinner. If you find that you are in the rut of bad eating habits, there is good news as they can always be changed. The wonderful thing about our brain is that it can adjust itself to new changes in life. If you think about it, having smaller meals does technically mean that you can eat more everyday, what could be more awesome than that?

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What I Thought of the Recent Supplement Award Winners

As we come to another year, the big time supplement awards are in the books and we have an interesting list of winners this year. Here I am going to be talking about the winners and if I think that these picks were justified or not. There is a lot to cover so I will go ahead and get right down to it. For the mass gainer product, the award went to BSN. This is something that really made me happy to see. BSN has been putting out some excellent products in recent memory. Their preworkout, Hyper FX, was one of the best ones that I have tried and it garnered a spot in my regimen. True Mass is the product that won the award, and I think that that was a great pick. I have been using this particular product for the past couple years, off and on. If I am needing to really pack on some base weight in the colder months, this product is my go-to. They have a ton of great flavors and, with so many gross tasting mass gainers out there, it is nice to see one win that really deserves it.

I had also saw that Dymatize had won the award, as far as isolate protein powders are concerned. I thought that this was a great pick, if you haven’t tried any of the products from Dymatize, I would highly suggest checking them out as well. A while back, they put together a couple of great supplements that I had kept coming back to. Unfortunately, I know that they had changed around some of the way that their products were made. I don’t know just how true this is but I am glad to see that they are still getting some awards won. Beyond that, there were no real big surprises that I didn’t see coming. I think that all of the competitors that had won these awards were very deserving of them. Although I didn’t see any big upsets or products that I thought should have won that didn’t, it is interesting to see just how many of the newer brands out there that had ended up winning. I think that this is a big sign that we are seeing some new companies come up out of the blue to take over. Being that there are so many changes going on with what we take with us to the gym, these awards are showing the changes are really happening right now.

As we look to a future that is filled with products that are on the safer side, who knows what the award lineup will be next year? Either way, I look forward to seeing all of the changes that will be coming our way as we head into 2016 and beyond. I have been hearing some news about some new stuff coming out that could really change the way that we all train. However, these are early news stories, so only time will tell if these new kids on the block are going to be sticking around. Judging from all of the good reviews that I have been reading about, I think we are at a very good place right now with what companies are sending out for us all to try! I am really looking forward to seeing what the next year award nominees will consist of!


What is the Difference Between SARMS and Steroids?

Something that has long been a question in the fitness community concerns the more stronger supplements out there. There has been a lot of confusion concerning the difference between steroids and SARMS. Both of these products have their similarities and differences. Although I can’t recommend that everyone use these types of products, I did want to give my readers more information on them. If you do choose to use these supplements against my advice, I wanted you make a well-informed decision.

When we discuss SARMS, we must first know that this word actually stands for selective androgren receptor modulators. This sounds like something you need to bust out a textbook for, but let me explain it a little bit better. SARMS are supplements that allow you to build more muscle through how those supplements will work in your body. One big benefit of SARMS over actual steroids for most is that the SARMS are usually in the form of a pill. Unfortunately, this did not completely absolve those supplements over being risk free. Both types of products that I have discussed are very strong and therefore can have side effects. To be fair, SARMS  actually have had far fewer and less serious side effects than actual steroids, making them a more popular choice among people visiting the gym.

Being that SARMS are in capsule form, this makes it easier for most people to take. Even though, some incorrectly assume, that SARMS are totally safe just because they are easier to ingest. As you know, steroids are usually taken through a needle, which scares off many people and I understand that completely. I am always someone who has stayed away from needles throughout my time lifting weights. I don’t even like going to the doctor to get a shot, so I knew that steroids would never be something that I wanted to try. Another benefit that SARMS had, before they came under fire, was that they were usually easier to obtain. SARMs have only recently began to face opposition, while steroids have faced this for decades.

Both of these types of supplement are created to help you build more muscle. Although, each SARM or steroid will have their own types that will give you different results, most will primarily be used for adding more muscle to you. The future of these kinds of supplements does remain in turmoil, as both have faced heavy opposition in the world. Steroids are definitely not allowed to be used and this has been something that has been in place for quite a while. As this has happened, companies have actually found way to skirt these issues. By creating supplements that can mimic the effects without actually being the products themselves, there are plenty of new products popping up here and there.

I found a video that has someone kind of helping explain about the alternatives that are currently out there. There are way too many to list here so I figured the video would get you started in the right direction. Beyond that, you can look around at the various sites that still offer some of these products. I believe that the legit ones should only be offering alternatives so be sure to thoroughly check out each place that you go to avoid any kind of trouble popping up.