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Gaining More with Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine

After the rushing of the holidays has now ended, I was looking forward to unboxing a gift that I had received. By doing this, I get to finally play around with a machine and I can see how well it would be suited for those looking to gain weight. Made by Cuisinart, one of the major houseware companies out there, they are going to deliver quality. After opening the product, there really isn’t that much to it, as far as assembly goes. The one thing that I recommend you follow, if you do decide to pick up one of the machines is to freeze the bucket right away. I had rushed to the supermarket earlier in the week, thinking that I could end up having frozen yogurt about twenty five minutes after getting home, I had missed a very important part of the directions. Freezing the bucket is crucial for having your Cuisinart machine working the way that you need it do. The purpose of me getting this ice cream and frozen yogurt maker was to gain some more weight and I find sweets to be easier to consume.

Pump your brakes when initially setting up this machine, as waiting 24 hours is super important. However, once the bucket is frozen (slosh it around to make sure the liquid is frozen) and it is smooth sailing from there. Not just content with the recipes within the book, I wanted to try my best to add some extra protein power to the already outstanding recipes. The first thing that came to my mind was to chop up some nuts in the mix, which works well for extra fats and protein. Not just for helping with muscle development, having mixed nuts with a frozen treat is a way to add some extra crunch and flavor. Another thought that I had, came from how I used to prepare some pancakes, cooking them with protein powder. I had put about half a scoop of protein powder into the frozen yogurt mixture, both of which were vanilla flavored.

I suppose that I could have went with a full size scoop of powder but I didn’t want the sweet dessert to be over powered by that protein taste. If you live in close quarters to others, the machine could have your roommates shutting their doors but the noise isn’t really that bad. What else I enjoyed about using this ice cream machine for gaining more weight is that it makes two quarts at a time, quite a lot when you prepare it for the freezer. The first time that you realize you’ll need to wait an extra day for ice cream or frozen yogurt, it can be sad but provided that you always leave the bucket in the freezer, you can rest assured that treats are always close by. In the recipe book that came with this machine, there are a ton of various recipes that you can try, ranging from simple to slightly lengthier processes. Overall, I have been amazed with how easy it is to make quality homemade frozen treats that are loaded with protein. In that recipe book, it will lay out the details of carbs/calories/fats and much else for each meal that you can make, for anyone out there who is all about tracking each individual snack.

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What Lower Back Pain Really Means During Crunches

As we get down to the foundation of what could be seen as the simplest work out routines to perform, it would seem like a no-brainer that the crunch would be included. To that, I say if anyone thinks that crunches are easy to do, I would suggest that they try them for themselves. I have never had an easy time doing abdominal exercises and crunches are no exception. Finding that I could get to maybe 10 repetitions, I would usually notice a sharp pain that would start in the lower part of my back. Ensuring that I wasn’t going to end up really hurting those sensitive muscles, I didn’t do crunches for a long time after those incidents. I had tried to transition myself into doing sit ups, which is a more conventional method of a crunch but found that I was still plagued by nagging back pain that would seemingly never go away.

I started to ask around to find out why I was having such bad pain during crunches. The wisdom that a wise onlooker gave to me was something that I still haven’t forgotten to this day and it all had to do with the way that I was performing the crunch. After learning how to better position my body, I found that crunches and sit ups no longer had me bent over in pain. I had actually gotten to a state where I could do about 50 reps of crunches, every other morning. Although I was feeling the burn of a chiseled stomach, I really enjoy doing these exercises that would eventually find that I needed to change it up in order to stay on my intense regimen.

pain remedy for backRequiring you to be somewhat nimble, if you haven’t tried out the donkey kick exercise yet, I highly suggest that you give it a shot for yourself. This exercise, how’s its foundation and yoga but don’t let that scare you, once you get down the basics it is quite easy to perform. I also find that doing a donkey cake works out my cord better than the old-school crunches ever had. The exercise that I am mentioning will be sort of like a headstand so you will need to be somewhat inclined to balance yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the donkey kick add exercise down the first time, it took me many tries just to balance and find my proper hand placement. With a name like the donkey can’t, this exercise will have you taking off your feet in mid air, it is easier than it sounds. I don’t think that this is just some silly way to get you moving, you’ll likely feel your stomach muscles contracting within just a couple repetitions of this cake. You’ll want to keep it simple and not overdo it so the first time that you attempted donkey kick, only try to do 3 to 5 repetitions.

Abdominal muscles are thin walls and aren’t quite built in the same method that your bigger muscles will be. Keeping in mind that you will be continuing to constrict this wall built my muscles, going slow and steady is how to properly accomplish getting harder abs. Give these new workouts a couple of days to settle into and you will likely have those nagging lower back pains to become a thing of the past. It should never consistently cause you to be pain every single time that you exercise, it’s often a sign that you are not doing your workouts properly!


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Ways to Beat the Boredom of a Long Walk

The main thing that I hear from people who have given up their current walking habits usually has to do with it being too boring. After all, no one wants to just walk a long distance in total silence for an undetermined amount of time. If this is how you have been completing your daily walking, it’s easy to see why you might feel less than motivated. I don’t enjoy silent walking, although some others do. The first thing that I will check to make sure that I have some sort of portable music player. If you haven’t yet attempted it, adding music to your walks really cuts down on time and makes them feel much shorter. Also, getting into a good song can really make you zone out and lose track of time, which is always good on a walk. You’ll hear this argued about that, in my opinion, having a beat that is uptempo should make up the majority of your playlist. I’ve got nothing against slow music and I’m actually a big supporter of it, just not while I’m trying to get out and walk.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re hydrated on your walks so I would at least have one bottle of water, maybe two. Even if you were outside walking in cooler temperatures, remember that you’re still exerting yourself and your internal body temperature will ramp up, in an attempt to cool you down. You’ll know to have water with you, when walking around in hotter temperatures, when the weather is more moderate it will be tougher to determine if you need water. It’s best to just automatically plan to have extra h20 with you. Now that you’ve got some good jams and your hydration is taken care of, I wanted to touch on the other crucial part of this plan which is setting distance goals. By having proper goals set, you’ll know when your over-achieving or when you maybe need to work on your endurance.

For whatever reason you choose, having goals that you can set for yourself is a way to have rules set in stone that will be vital to your success. If you plan on doing any walking at night, you’ll definitely want to wear clothes that make it easy to see you. If you’ve kept up with any news, needless to say, you’ve heard about all of those clown attacks. It’s best to keep yourself visible from oncoming traffic and other hazards that are presented to you, when walking at night. If at all possible, it’s always a good idea to try and walk during the day but I also know that not everyone schedules allow for that to happen. For anyone who is having trouble sticking with their plans for walking daily, don’t be discouraged early on.

A Solid Routine Isn’t Built in A Day.

Although we do walk every day, at least most of us do, long distances are not something that the average body is prepared for. Should you only find yourself able to walk a couple of minutes, simply create a goal of walking maybe ten minutes, for your future. Walking or jogging are both skills that will be improved upon repetition, meaning that you are continuing to walk or jog daily. As you continue into your walking routine, you’ll be quick to notice that there will be rewards, done through having increased endurance.

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Benefits of Green Exercise: It’s Easier Than You Thought

We’ve covered many of the odd fads that come along, all in the name of fitness. If there is an action that gets people moving, it is likely that there will be a full-scale class centered around it. When I first heard the words green exercise, I had no idea what this could be. Does everyone sit around, dressed up in green wardrobes to exercise? Do we all go to the gym and paint all of the weights green, like a scene with the Joker in the art museum? The questions sounded weird but it wouldn’t have shocked me if any of them were what green exercising truly meant. As it turns out, the waves of good words being heaped at green exercising are there for good reason, it is so simple to start up!

I’ve wondered enough so it’s time to find out why this green type of exercising is catching on so rapidly. Sometimes, you don’t want to be trapped in a hot gym room, waiting for stations, dealing with all of the noise, and other grievances. Green exercising is all about getting outside and being closer to Mother Nature. Finding a nice day, which can be plentiful or non-existent, depending on where it is that you call home. Regardless, you won’t be building a squat rack and tossing weights around a park, the general vibe is more relaxed. Primarily, for those who are looking for a lighter fitness environment will be in good company with an outdoor style of workout. The great motivator for getting people to start trying out the green fitness way of life is that you can be in a group, or go solo, depending on your preference.

When In Doubt, Join Group Classes.

If you don’t have a clue, as to what exercises you should be doing, it might be best to look in your local area for classes that are being offered. For those who are intermediate or advanced aerobic masters, you’re probably safe to do exercise all by yourself, in the great outdoors. Even stepping out of specific exercises, even spending time doing your favorite hobby outside would still qualify as green exercise. Getting much needed fresh air and maybe even a nice tan in the process, green exercise is being seen as a better match for some, as opposed to stepping foot into a workout place. Those with a more noble mind then some, aren’t afraid to get out there and help their communities, adding a sense of accomplishment to your exercise. I may reveal my age here but I spent many days outside with my friends, namely because there wasn’t all the easily accessible technology back then, as there is now.

Green exercising won’t carry every great mental benefit, if you are in bad environments. For instance, if you live in a bad part of town, where there are not really many natural wonders, or trees, you won’t have as much of the psychological benefits. If you are planning on getting outside and get moving, no matter how nice or bad of shape your neighborhood is in, you will feel satisfied that you exerted yourself. Do I think that big city gyms will be shutting down everywhere, due to the takeover of green exercise? No, I feel that, as creatures of habit, we’re going to go where we don’t feel out of place.


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What Does CLA Do for Staying Healthy?

If you’ve ever struggled to effectively shed extra weight, welcome to the club. One solution, that some have sought to get, was to use Conjugated Linoleic Acid to help out in the fight against fat, but why? I don’t want to confuse you but the CLA that you take to reduce your waist is actually fat but it is one of the good ones, I’ll keep explaining. The faster you go about losing weight will depend on what is going in and the effort that helps to burn energy from food you eat. A CLA supplement is a way to help boost up the metabolism of your body. Also, this kind of acid makes you feel full fast, helping to eliminate endlessly chowing down at a buffet. Those who prefer their weight loss to come with extreme bouts of energy should note that CLA isn’t really an energy booster.

Almost every supplement creator has come out with their take on what a good CLA supplement should be. Endless reports have been done, regarding the effectiveness of this acid and results have varied, across the board. I like to think of conjugated linoleic acid as a product that has a chance of being right for you, on the other hand, you may not lose a single pound. Those who are trying to train to receive a larger amount of muscle mass should read up on CLA, as it is well-known to have positive effects on body composition. Many who exercise know what a pain it is to not only trim down but to get more massive, it is a tough road to travel down.

If you are all about the organic way of living, you’ll be happy to know that CLA is from grass fed cows. I hate to see animals being mistreated, so I’ve kept my eyes away from the more food industry documentaries, I’ve heard that beef fed from grass is better for you. CLA, being the healthy fat that it is, stands to reason that it should come from cows that were given a better diet. There is inherent danger in taking large quantities of conjugated linoleic acid. Like with any fats, too much of them can set the framework for your body to start clogging up. If we’re talking about saturated fats, you know that those will clog up arteries rather quickly. When speaking about conjugated linoleic acid, taking too much will leave you full of that fat, if your body can’t expel it quicker than it is being ingested.

Having blood pressure problems indicates that you could have CLA within your home. Often being used as a remedy to help with obesity, there are many routes that this acid can assist you with, provided you know your limits. When on the hunt for a CLA supplement, check for quality and safety, above all else. I have been able to see about ten pounds drop off of me, while using CLA for just over two months. The fat loss hasn’t been extraordinary but I expected steady reductions in body fat percentages, which I have. I’ve always used tablets and am unsure if you can find this linleic acid in a powder drink mix. I’ve noticed diminishing returns, when speaking about how much actual weight that goes away. However, if you stop using CLA for a few months and come back to it, the powerful reductions should return to you.


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Is it Safe to Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

If you are wanting to learn more about fasting types of training, welcome to the party! I have dealt with appetite issues most of my life and it doesn’t seem like they are going to go away anytime soon. I have grown accustomed to weightlifting with no food in my stomach, it has become second nature to me now. I wanted to get to the bottom of if you need to eat before you start lifting weights. When I eat a meal, the last thing that I want to start doing is moving around. I like to get my belly full and find the nearest couch and remote control. Having to break myself of that bad habit, I used to try to force myself to eat more before I drove off to my gym but I could never do it. I didn’t have a problem with my food coming back up, I just feel like I turn myself away from eating, in my head. What is well known is that once a battle is lost in the head, it is basically over.

Learning to apply the advice that I give to myself, also, I knew that I could not let those bad food thoughts stop me from ever again weightlifting on a stomach that has no food in it. As far as finding a definitive answer, opinions are mixed, regarding fasting or eating before you go to train. There are endless variables that will affect when you should consume food, such as: time of meals, what you eat in the previous meal, etc. If you feel uncontrollable hunger pain when you wake up, go ahead and grab a food that has good carbohydrates and be on your way. If, like me, even thinking about trying to eat before you lift makes you want to gag, just get your meal in once the lifting is all over. What seems to be the most agreed upon consensus is that what is more important than when you eat is what you eat, make it a healthier choice.

Also, your goals could play a critical factor in deciding when your own eating window is best used. For the purpose of an example, let’s suppose that Jill wanted to lose weight, while Max wanted to gain more weight. Jill would be best suited to eat after a workout, as she doesn’t want to just burn off what she ate, only twenty minutes ago. However, Jill does want to get rid of extra fat, she would need to eat after her workouts. Let’s look at Max, who is wanting to do the opposite of Jill and gain as much weight as possible. What Max would need to do would be to eat before his workout, so that the new food can change over into muscle. I wish that I could be more like the ones who load up on food, with no hassle at all, before working out but I have to work on mentally preparing myself to eat, at such an odd time for me. Teaching an old dog new tricks, I decided that I would try harder to eat at more appropriate times of the day. If someone hounds you for not eating before to train, let them know that it all depends on how you time your eating habits. As you so rigorously set aside time for activities, add eating onto that list and you may cure yourself of not being able to ingest anything before you train again.

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Is Stress Sabotaging All of Your Hard Efforts?

stop worrying so muchAre you the type that is always worrying about things that haven’t even taken place yet? I used to be a constant worrier, until it started negatively impacting my health. I’m glad that I stopped letting those little worries turn into big fears and was able to beat stress, for good. Others, who aren’t as fortunate, have stress eat them up until it consumes them entirely. As if there weren’t already endless writers telling you that stress is bad for you, you probably already know that. However, what you could not be aware of, is that the daily stress can actually reverse the work that you put in, while you trained! Findings show that juggling too much and becoming stressed could add more fat accumulations onto yourself. If you’re the one who is sweating as much as they can, week after week, while always weighing the same, you could be under insurmountable stress.

So why does the big and bad enemy of all us, known as stress, cause increased fat storage? Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by all of us, one that is vital to living. This hormone affects your appetite and when stressors are having your cortisol levels increase, you react by eating more. The hunger signals that are sent out, tell your brain that you need to eat. What is really going on is that you aren’t any hungrier than you would have been, the cortisol just played a magic trick on your brain and it is one that always fools you. Since you can’t control how hungry an abundance of cortisol will lead you to be, there is only one hope: eliminating stress when you notice it. There are many various techniques tossed around about how to rid yourself of the stress that haunts your life. Instead of trying to tell you what did it for me, or overload you with endless possibilities, I suggest that you find your de-stressing technique. For me, it was taking thirty minutes, right before I would fall asleep, and listening to mediation tracks. It takes some getting used to but when I am having a day that just won’t end, turning on relaxing music with brainwaves puts me into a whole new world.

A repeating process can occur when you’re combining exercise into a stressful lifestyle, the effects of not seeing composition changes only adds to your burden. For the average worker, those feelings of a bad day can be easily washed away with an intense workout. It’s been a well-known fact that exercising can do wonders for lowering stress and controlling cortisol. As we all have different amounts of duties in our own lives, for those with too many obligations, turning up the intensity won’t be all that is needed to de-toxify from a limit-breaking week. I won’t lie, it isn’t always going to be possible to just avoid stress altogether, there will always be events that occur that we would rather not be a part of. You can browse through the bestsellers to find a method of teaching that will help you cope with stress, there are many available. If you aren’t a reader, look for some relaxing audio clips that you can load up while laying down. Truly attempting to tune out that voice we all know that wants to keep us biting our nails isn’t done in a day, with practice, you can finally shut those negative and stressful thought down and away from bothering you.

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How Heavy of Weight Should I Be Using?

We get this question a lot, it is too confusing to enter a loaded up weight rack and know which type to choose. If you choose a weight load that is not heavy enough, it won’t actively work your muscles. Choosing to move weight that is too heavy for you to carry could harm you. I’m going to inform you about which school of thought I follow through you and then let you decide for yourself. There is also some new information floating around that puts a big twist on this question but we will get to that in a second. My opinion would always be to write up a mix of differing light and heavy lifts, incorporating them both into one awesome routine. I have never been one to put all of my eggs in one basket and I would never to that to my training. Different body types respond in various ways through strength training, it is best to try out alternate weight amounts to fine tune where you are able to carry out effective lifting.

What is truly hard to believe is that, studies are showing, you might not have to struggle with heavy sets of weight much longer. With participants in these new findings having nearly the same strength as ones that used only heavy weights, it is hard to argue that the golden rules of weightlifting could be all wrong. Arguing that training to failure is the key indicator of future growth, it is being said that weight size isn’t as important. I have always wondered what could be the end results, if I were to lift light weights but for really high reps. I’m not talking about stopping at twelve reps but trying to get to twenty five and higher, if I could. Training a muscle to failure means that you are going to be working it to the point of exhaustion.

This style of training, being one of high intensity, is destined to provide what any avid gym goer would want. Having worked with both styles, I can safely say that if you are going for pure size than training to failure is like jumpstarting your muscles. Where you do stand on the thought of concentrating on failure training, instead of focusing on heavier weights? We will see how quick word will get around because I am positive that some of the keyboard professors will get in on this study, in an attempt to put it down. I like hearing the findings of these tests that were done, trying to awkwardly bring up something that is too heavy can really put you in danger. Working your muscles for such a long time that they fail will still bring you those next day cramps and minor aches. Pyramid training, in which you adjust what you lift per each set, has always been my go to for when I need to change they way I am built, working yourself to failure is just another form of the pyramid lifting.

Will the New Studies Have an Impact?

I prefer lifting heavy weights when I am working on larger groups but when focusing on  singular muscles, I can step down what I am lifting with. I am creating a new weekly lifting regimen that will apply the emphasis on failure resistance training. I look forward to giving the grunts and groans I make, when moving around overloaded equipment a rest!


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Can Lifting Weights Enhance Bone Density?

It has been well documented that weightlifting can be a great way to keep you looking and feeling great. I still remain amazed at learning about the benefits of regular weightlifting that have evaded me, over the years.  However, did you know that your bones can also get stronger by performing weight training? With milk being one of favorite drinks, I haven’t had too many issues with my bones. Having known people who have had bones break, I have heard that it is not an experience that I want to ever have happen to me. If you don’t think that broken bones can happen by surprise, tell that to someone I know that broke both of their wrists at the gas station. One quick fall brought this man’s hand to his chest, in an attempt to break his fall, and his wrists paid the price. If you have ever hurt your wrists, you know how it can feel to lose all of that freedom you once had. It appears that squats are going to be your best bone strengthening exercise, if you only want to pick just one.

Sticking with the same type of movement, I would also have to assume that leg presses are going to help out your bones, as well. The heavier lifts that will require the use of your entire body or, at least, most of it are going to be the best choices. Having stronger bones isn’t just something that was made up to sell milk, it is essential to avoiding a painful trip to the hospital! Having a big wall of muscle to help protect everything inside of it can’t help but make your chances of avoid an ambulance ride that much better. Hitting the weights as hard as you can isn’t going to entirely protect you from ever having the agony of a broken bone but a stronger foundation breaks down less easily.

bones in your leg

If you want to have another safety measure in place, after hearing about that fateful gas station story, milk is an amazing source of calcium. Also, if you are using any supplements, along with your training methods, you are likely to get more calcium. Not every study has agreed that bones can be strengthened through only physically demanding weightlifting but a large majority of them showed positive relationships. It is of the utmost importance that any of the exercises that help bring more resistance to your bones are performed in the correct manner. You stand a better chance of breaking your bones, through improper posture, than you would ever having a shot at making them stronger. If you don’t know how to properly do a squat, here is a site that could help you out. Being the team behind one of the best starter workout programs that got me my first taste of success, I highly recommend going to have a look at their site. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a weightlifting beginner anymore, there is still a ton of information at their site that always has me learning something I didn’t know. This should go without saying but please never just take a guess at how to carry out a weightlifting movement. If, by some chance, you get it right the first time, you are more likely to make a fool out of yourself.

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How to Start the Journey to Shredded Abs

You’ve been flipping through your favorite magazines and you keeping seeing a sight that makes you a little envious. The man on the cover has a physique that anyone would want but you are just focused on the abs. Ever since Brad Pitt played his role to perfection in Fight Club, men have sought after having a defined six-pack. I have some good and bad news, regarding information on how to start getting those abdominal muscles that you want. The good news is that anybody can have the kind of six-pack that makes people swoon.

I do have some bad news for you, as I bust down a bunch of half-truths that I have read about how to really get a better looking stomach. You have probably seen the people, with big bellies hanging out, spending their time at the ab station, sweating through crunches. With this in mind, the first exercise that you need to plan out is going to your pantry and cleaning it out of junk food. I know you were probably expecting some top secret exercise but I want to present you with truth, rather than false hope. If you hate working out and find it easier to look better by changing your diet, you will have a much easier time getting abs. If you are a person that hates dieting, it might take more time but you can still get the abs that you have always wanted. You don’t have to be some crazy person, inspecting every inch of the label and calculating everything, just to find out if a food you want is safe to eat.

better absIf you know one, I would say to meet up with a dietician to help you come up with a meal plan that is fit for you. Getting shredded abs is going to mostly be about reducing the fat that is your stomach, not by endlessly working out that specific muscle group. If you were wanting to get abs by only exercising, thinking that enough crunches will trim down all that fat, are in for a rude awakening. Also, you shouldn’t train your stomach every day, regardless of how bad your diet is, as abdominal muscles are very easy to pull. Because your abdominals are not built like the large muscle groups, like triceps, chest, and leg muscles, they will not hold up as well to increased resistance and repeated strain. I usually will only work out my abs once a week, once you have the fat trimmed down, the abs really start to pop out. From there, it just becomes a battle to stay on the new diet path that you have written up for yourself. If I had to put into percentages, I would say that getting a six-pack is about 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercising, does that help to put things in perspective? As far as the fancy as seen on television offerings that claim to sculpt abs in weeks, how effective do you think they will be? I’m sure that a few of these workout innovations probably are good for getting abs. However, no matter how many workout products you buy, if you don’t have a very low body fat percentage, your efforts will be in vain. Take it from someone who tried, for years, to get the abs I wanted through just working out, you have to have a fat burning diet setup and ready to use.