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The Genius Idea of how ITV Challenges you to Get Fit

You can’t say that British television stations don’t have guts. About a week ago, there was one broadcaster that wanted to give the men and women of England an incentive to get out of their house and start getting fit. Someone who should have earned a bonus for creating the idea had a simple one, we will just turn our station off. I’m not a media major but the potential risks and costs that come with losing viewers and advertisers was small enough of a price to pay for iTv to hold strong and follow through with their decision. I don’t get those channels but had seen video of how iTV channels would look during the blackout, so to speak. What had been occurring during the time that channels were blacked out was a big opening of fitness centers, where you could visit for free, during that specific timeframe.

As it turns out, this idea wasn’t a flop, by any stretch of the imagination. While viewers went out and celebrated not only a free weekend at the gym, but a chance to not be glued to their television for a little while. Others took to Twitter to lampoon the tv company for their choice, adding in some mean and snarky comments, like the internet always does. I think that it was a risk-filled yet smart choice for the network. Just like with me, they are getting news stations talking and raising awareness to a growing worldwide obesity problem. I hate to sound like a cranky old man but when we were younger we spent most of our time outside, now there is so much technology that it makes it so boring to go into the outside world, what a shame. In America, I believe it was another network that had done this before in the past, as far as I know, it didn’t get the kind of attention that the decision of Itv has made. I am team GB is the title of the movement that is keeping channels switched off.

britan pledging for exercise

What an awesome way to take a small period of time to show your support for the athletes from your home country. I don’t know if we will ever see a blackout in America for our Olympic team but it would be a nice idea. Adding free activities with this channel blackout gives viewers options besides flipping channels. I would love for the channels I watch to notify me about what was going on in my community, especially if the events were free. I love hearing the woman’s voice, while the blackout is in effect, it makes me wish that I lived in England, getting the chance to leave my home and go into the world, ready to try out various sports. The gear I’ve seen being featured in their shop section is awesome, really cool shirt designs.

I don’t even live in England but I would more tempted to move, if I knew how good all of their clothes designs look. America may have taken home the most medals, but England was a close second, congratulations to an amazing country. Perhaps the blackout of the iTV channels will set the foundation for a future Great Britain Olympian to get his feet wet on the blackout day. Great things can come from humble beginnings, always remember that.

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