Bored this Summer? Visit a Local Recreational Center!

For those who are lucky enough to not have a full time job, the summer can be a time where your schedule is freed up. Many shut themselves indoors and sit around, wasting the day away. What you can do instead, is to do yourself a favor while also feeling less guilty about how you spend the Summer. A recreational center is in almost every town, if you don’t live near one, there is probably one in the next town over. Most of these centers will have a membership fee that needs to be paid, prices will vary, depending upon the establishment. Once inside, you should be able to have access to a locker. I’m sure that you know about the workout equipment that they have, if not, you will be shocked at the sheer variety of what you can use. Beyond the usual barrage of weights, there is a wide variety of activities to choose from. I will use my own local rec center as an example, going forth. First, you can find some really cool racquetball rooms, which is such a funny sport to me. I get it, it takes work to bounce that ball across a room, I just have no idea how the game is played, and this is after watching people play it! I feel too intimidated to walk into one of those big glass rooms with a ball and racket by myself, I would look like a total nerd. None of my gym friends will ever venture into the racquetball area either, I must not ever be able to learn how to play that game.

Not Just for Racquetball Players, Anymore!

If you prefer to hit the ground running, there are nice indoor and outdoor running tracks, all with four lanes each. The whole lane painting puzzled me, until it was explained to me by a friendly employee. The four tracks are put in place because not everyone will be moving at the same speed, some will run, while the older will want to walk. Have you ever been in a mall, bound and determined to get where you are going in a hurry, only to have slow walkers block your path? A similar situation occurs when joggers need to get moving and are stuck in place by the ones who only want to walk at a slow pace. If you prefer an activity that has more of a competitive theme to it, there are great basketball courts, at most rec centers. My local center provides basketballs for free, while others may have you bring your own into the facility. I know that, once I walk into the front doors of the center in my area, I will immediately be greeted by the smell of chlorine and pop music blasted on the big speaker system. It could annoy the more temperate man but to me, it is a soothing and familiar part of the week that I have grown to love.

Set the video game controller down, turn off that laptop, and give a rec center a try. You can have an awesome time checking out the multide of activities that await you. From picking up on a local basketball game, taking a lap on the tracks, or figuring out how to play racquetball (let me know how to), running out of things to do and being bored will be a woe of the past!

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