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Is the Batman Workout Worth Doing?

Call me a bit late to the party but I was able to finally catch the new Batman film late last night. I’ll save my review of the film for someone who is qualified to do so. If you are on the fence about seeing this film, after hearing the largely mixed reviews, I still suggest giving it a watch. I’m not saying that you should go out and spend upward of twenty dollars to own it but give it a look, it was pretty good. Now, one scene that stuck out to me, as I’m sure it did with many other lifters out there, was Bruce Wayne’s intense workout scene. After I had watched what had seemed to be a training scene, like ones we always see in action movies, it took a few minutes for what I just saw to really set in. As far as I recall, the last time that we were treated to seeing how Batman really trains was a glimpse of some push ups in Batman Begins.

Call me someone who likes to nitpick, I never really bought the idea that Batman, protector of an entire city and a name that strikes fear into every evil doer gets his training in by doing push ups? Call me crazy but I would think that the Dark Knight who has a drive and budget unlike anything most of us will ever see, would simply be content with busting out one hundred push ups every morning. On a funny sidenote, one of my old friends who was obsessed with all things Batman, was inspired by hearing about the push up scene. I think that my friend might have had some serious disillusions that he was Batman, he took to the new push up routine like a fish takes to water.

After a few weeks, I think his drive had finally tapered off but it was amusing to see him so determined to become a superhero. In the newer Batman movie, with Ben Affleck at the helm, we see a very different workout routine, one that is far more closer to what you would imagine Batman actually performing. In the scenes, Bruce Wayne begins taking a sledgehammer to a tire, which could look out of place to many of us. I have been to a hardware store recently and I can safely say that picking up a sledgehammer is quite heavy. If you have ever had to swing a sledgehammer, you’ll know that it isn’t to do more than once or twice. When you are able to actively swing a sledgehammer onto a safe surface, like a tire, you have an environment created where you can swing a heavy hammer without chipping away at your nice floor. Next, we watch as Bruce Wayne is doing pull ups, with a twist on the old classic, he has a weighted belt wrapped around him. If you remember taking any gym classes, you’ll know how difficult doing a pull up can be, when you are adding extra weight, in addition to that of your body, you can see why this would be a hard exercise to really complete. Again, the viewer is seeing another exercise that is far better suited to the protector of Gotham than daily push ups. I will always love the Nolan Batman trilogy, which are still far and away the best superhero movies around, just something I thought I would point out.

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