Pound Brings Drumming to the World of Fitness

There is a new innovative fitness class going on right now but it has opinions split. This new trend, in a series of new ways to get in shape, is called pound. While you may think it sounds like some sort of boxing or MMA program, you couldn’t be further from the truth. What this program is would be a class where you’re surrounded by people who are air drumming. The class will provide you with two drumsticks but the rest of the effort is up to you. I’m not making this up, this is a real fitness class. I don’t know who the person is the came up with this crazy idea but it is starting to gain traction. First, if you were wanting to learn the drums, there are much better ways to do this. Buy a cheap drum set or you can use one of those video game controllers to take some steps to learn how to drum. If you want to exercise, there are about 1 million other ways to do it that would be more beneficial for you. Sitting around with a group of people pretending to drum does not sound like a way that I would want to work out.

pounding drums

Hazards I could think of in this class is what could happen when you have a group of people flailing her arms around holding sticks, what happens if sticks go flying around the room? To me, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, if someone were to get hit in the face with one of those drumsticks. Also, what body parts are actually being worked out in a pound class? I can imagine the drumsticks are that heavy, so I don’t really see any benefit for your muscles. From what I have seen of this class, it also looks like people are sitting down for a majority of the time. What kind of cardio workout has you sitting down all of the time? I wouldn’t think that it would be possible to really feel the burn while taking one of these classes. I’m sure that they aren’t experiencing any lack of participants for their classes, people are always willing to try the latest thing.

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As a matter of fact, we have actually covered a lot of these new ways to work out. What doesn’t surprise me is how quickly these programs rotate in and out of being fashionable. We could see the future where these pound classes start showing up everywhere but for now, I’m not so convinced.  Already feeling heat from others around the Internet, this new fitness trend doesn’t seem to be making the waves that some thought it would, initially. If you want to be a weekend rockstar, you could really get some enjoyment out of these pound classes. I suppose that I will stick with Rock Band, the video game, when I want to bust out drumsticks and feel like I am the next drum master. The Pound fitness program and starting in California, where it remains to be seen if it will spread to other states. I’m sure that there will be a market for this and that there will be groups of people eager to try this new way of staying fit. Perhaps they should make goggles a requirement, so that no one gets hit by flying drumsticks.

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