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Does Protein Before Bedtime Really Matter?

I’ve heard many times that you should always try to get an extra bit of protein before you go to sleep. The science behind this theory suggests that since you are not eating while you are asleep, having calories that come from a nice protein shake will avoid any time that you could lose muscle. I had always thought that the thought of a big protein drink before bed was nothing more than broscience at it’s worst. It looks like this could be a time where I have to admit that I was wrong, as new findings are showing many benefits associated with protein consumption before bed.

Especially when it comes to strength training, the findings show that having protein before you go to sleep actually helps it to be delivered in a better way. It stands to reason that I have likely missed out on years of potential gains, as I was never into having a meal before I went to sleep. I don’t like going to bed hungry but trying to consume a lot of calories, before I lay my head on the pillow, will usually have me tossing and turning for a good portion of the night. I have no idea why my stomach disagrees with the times that I want to have my meals but it looks like that is another hurdle that I will just have to get over. As for the choice of protein you should want to consume, there is more than one option. Many prefer having a nice casein protein to use before they go to sleep, as this kind has been shown to be more of a slower-releasing protein, suitable for keeping you anabolic all night. Of course, we have the standard whey protein that people have been using for years. If you don’t to spend any extra on a casein protein, a whey option would be perfectly fine to use.

time for proteinThe only real difference between whey and casein will be how they are released, with the whey releasing all at once into the body, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. If you are wanting an option that is suitable for vegans, they are being included in the spread of becoming more fitness minded, there are many vegan proteins available. Whether it be from peas, soy, or another source, any vegan in the world should not be at a loss for where to get protein that is made for their food beliefs. There is certainly nothing the matter with choosing to have your protein of choice in the middle of the day, or even first thing in the morning! Just because there are no additional benefits, other than the obvious, from consuming protein at night, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some kind of protein throughout the day, as before bedtime is only a small part of the day. To everyone who has been drinking those shakes before sleepy time, I have to congratulate you! It appears as if I well be needing to make some adjustments, as I am for sure going to be having a big glass of protein every night. I will have to make sure that I don’t end up brushing my teeth before the protein shake, as I remember how nasty those drinks are while you are trying to get rid of a cool mint taste from your toothpaste, gross!

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