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Is It Possible to Train Your Brain While You Exercise?

I am sure that you have heard nearly a million ways that you can work on how your body looks. What if I told you could get fitter, while also giving your brain the workout that it so desperately needs? Luckily, there has been some new studies and the results from them point out which exercises are able to tune up the old noggin. There was actually an amazing series of tests that we run, in order to best determine which specific kinds of exercise were best at bringing about increased brain activity. There were all kinds of exercises being tested here, from cardio to bodyweight training. Sorry to all my fellow weightlifters out there, but the results show that cardiovascular exercises was where it was at, in terms of the highest amounts of brain activity while being performed.

I guess that the senior citizens that I always see walking around at my local mall were on to something after all! In all seriousness, the results of this study are a great incentive to anyone that is on the fence about whether they should be running or not. You owe it to yourself, and your brain, to give them both the kind of activity that they so need. Something of note for all of these tests that were run is that increases in brain function directly correlated with how many miles were run. I suppose that now we can add the ability to exercise your brain as another incentive to get you running. Not only great from staying nice and trim, cardio is also great for keeping your heart healthy.

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As we all get older, our brain can begin to dull a bit, if not maintained properly. Think of your brain like a car, if you had a vehicle that you never put any time or effort into its upkeep, how long do you think that car will hold up? Stress is something that we all have to live with, at one time or another, running can help to fight off those stressors we have from everyday life. Be sure to read more about the study, over at the website of the New York Times, this is something that really should not be missed. The implications of these studies and how they will be used to further discuss the benefits of running, especially among older people will be known for years to come. If you want to start training your brain by utilizing your own two feet, assess your current ability to run. Never start off sprinting, as that will burn you out quickly. Instead, stick to something that is made up of walking in place, or slowly jogging. As you begin to see what your endurance levels are, you can adjust the fine spots of your regimen, in order to increase your jogging ability over time. I do have to say that I am surprised that lifting weights did not do more for raising the levels of brain activity, this does not bode well for the whole dumb guy lifting weights stereotype! The next time that you forget why you walked in a room, lose your keys, or have your brain just generally work against you, go get some running shoes on and go for a jog! You might just end up coming back from your run smarter than you were before!


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