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What Lower Back Pain Really Means During Crunches

As we get down to the foundation of what could be seen as the simplest work out routines to perform, it would seem like a no-brainer that the crunch would be included. To that, I say if anyone thinks that crunches are easy to do, I would suggest that they try them for themselves. I have never had an easy time doing abdominal exercises and crunches are no exception. Finding that I could get to maybe 10 repetitions, I would usually notice a sharp pain that would start in the lower part of my back. Ensuring that I wasn’t going to end up really hurting those sensitive muscles, I didn’t do crunches for a long time after those incidents. I had tried to transition myself into doing sit ups, which is a more conventional method of a crunch but found that I was still plagued by nagging back pain that would seemingly never go away.

I started to ask around to find out why I was having such bad pain during crunches. The wisdom that a wise onlooker gave to me was something that I still haven’t forgotten to this day and it all had to do with the way that I was performing the crunch. After learning how to better position my body, I found that crunches and sit ups no longer had me bent over in pain. I had actually gotten to a state where I could do about 50 reps of crunches, every other morning. Although I was feeling the burn of a chiseled stomach, I really enjoy doing these exercises that would eventually find that I needed to change it up in order to stay on my intense regimen.

pain remedy for backRequiring you to be somewhat nimble, if you haven’t tried out the donkey kick exercise yet, I highly suggest that you give it a shot for yourself. This exercise, how’s its foundation and yoga but don’t let that scare you, once you get down the basics it is quite easy to perform. I also find that doing a donkey cake works out my cord better than the old-school crunches ever had. The exercise that I am mentioning will be sort of like a headstand so you will need to be somewhat inclined to balance yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the donkey kick add exercise down the first time, it took me many tries just to balance and find my proper hand placement. With a name like the donkey can’t, this exercise will have you taking off your feet in mid air, it is easier than it sounds. I don’t think that this is just some silly way to get you moving, you’ll likely feel your stomach muscles contracting within just a couple repetitions of this cake. You’ll want to keep it simple and not overdo it so the first time that you attempted donkey kick, only try to do 3 to 5 repetitions.

Abdominal muscles are thin walls and aren’t quite built in the same method that your bigger muscles will be. Keeping in mind that you will be continuing to constrict this wall built my muscles, going slow and steady is how to properly accomplish getting harder abs. Give these new workouts a couple of days to settle into and you will likely have those nagging lower back pains to become a thing of the past. It should never consistently cause you to be pain every single time that you exercise, it’s often a sign that you are not doing your workouts properly!


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