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Which 90s Action Movie Star Physique Do You Want?

I thought that we could lighten up a bit here, so I had to flashback to the days when I was a little bit younger. I vividly remember going to the video store (yeah, that far back) and renting the new action movie that would come out. The heroes of my time, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van-Damme, all of the greats! I know that some of you grew up on those classics of our time and a few of you may aspire for the look of said action hero. Here are some great ways to achieve the body type that you want to have.

  1. Pure Mass Above Everything – The Arnold LookarnoldBy far, the hardest one to obtain anything close to this list, the Arnold look is not for wimps! To begin to mold your body in the look of Arnold, you will be needing to gain mass ASAP. For this, I recommend simply eating big and lifting big, you will get there but it will take quite a long time. Use a mix of mid-level reps with a heavier weight, not your max but around 75% of it. This will be a long and grueling process, but that is what you can expect when trying to replicate the best of all time.
  1. Definition with Some Mass – The Jean Claude Van-Damme Look jcvdGet ready to run, you will need some high level cardio to get the cut JCVD look that we all know and love. Along with that, concentrate on isolation exercises with high rep sets. We want the process that causes muscles to grow to happen, as opposed to gaining new levels of strength. That being said, bulking up a bit would add to the definition, just do it clean!
  1. The All Natural Look – The Chuck Norris Look chucknorriThis look requires less work, but make no mistake, Mr. Norris is in really good shape. I mean, have you seen this guy lately, he is in his 70s and still looks like the same guy from Walker, Texas Ranger. I would be a happy man if I end up aging half as well as Chuck Norris has. Anyways, to attain this physique, you just want to do some light to medium cardio, in order to keep your fat down. Since you probably won’t be hitting the gym for any real strength training, don’t slack off on your cardio. You will need to have that, or a strict diet in place to stay in the shape that Norris is in.

I feel that most of us grew up watching these amazing action films throughout our younger years. I, myself always thought that I wanted the Jean Claude look, however, as I kept lifting, I strived for more of the Arnold look. I wanted to throw an honorable mention to Sylvester Stallone as well. I ended up removing him because of how close his look would have fit into Arnold’s. A lot of the famous looks that those action heroes have has occurred because of their genetics. What is really out there to think about is that even though most do look similar, these men are all made up of separate muscle systems. Meaning that, even though most of us just see bulked up guys, there are actually a ton of small differences that make a difference of night and day!

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