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Instructors Choosing Hip Hop for Fit Classes

There is no doubt that dance classes are a great way to get people to perform aerobics that might not normally. The mere idea of dancing to music is certainly nothing new, but one particular genre seems to be changing opinions. Gaining more of a following than it has since its inception, hip hop is becoming more widely accepted by just about everybody. We aren’t sweating to the oldies anymore, people are now taking hip hop dance classes, not just to learn some new dance moves. So, why has this craze for rap music suddenly taken nearly every fitness center by storm? Having studied some music in by spare time, I wanted to look closer to help explain what is happening.

rap combined with dance

The date when the first hip hop album or song came out has been something that not many can agree has a clear answer. Through its gritty roots, this genre of music has risen up from obscurity and is now all the way at the top of the music charts. As the audience for hip hop began to expand, it became more accepted, even by those who had shunned it in the beginning. One reason that the hip hop fitness camps are being filled by more people could very well be due to the general tempo. In most cases, hip hop will have a more upbeat sound combined with a faster tempo. Have you ever tried to listen to nothing but ballads while you are training? If you have, you will know that it really doesn’t bring about the biggest feelings of that attitude that you need to go into beast mode. A song that gets you to want to move your body, whether it be dancing or feeling motivated, it is something that needs to stay in your workout playlist.

If we take the subject of tempo off of the table, another big positive for placing hip hop in fitness centers everywhere is the lyrics. Hip hop has always had a certain swagger and confidence that has always been all its own. In most places, you aren’t going to hear the more obscenity laced hits but the general message will still hit home for you. Hearing the same old messages of love can only do so much when you are trying to get your mind into the mode it needs to be in to challenge yourself. Lyrics from hip hop will generally have to do with some sort of obstacle in the rapper’s way. It is much easier to relate to hearing a song about aggression than it is to hear some old and cheesy ballad about missing an old love.

If your musical tastes have not tried hip hop yet, do yourself a favor and pick just one artist. Look through all of the hundreds of lists of great songs from that genre and listen to them. Try looking through some of Eminem’s catalog, take this from someone who goes into a whole new world when I throw one of his playlists on. All this coming from someone who used to listen to nothing but country music, growing up in the southern states. Anyway, the rise of one genre of music is easy to make sense of when we look at the close relationship between the mindset needed to succeed and the music that we choose to listen to.

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