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Micro Workouts Form Substantial Improvements

As we all deal with our own hustle and bustle that comes with completing an average day, exercising isn’t always as easy to complete, let alone start! If you are about to pull your hair out trying to implement a legitimate workout schedule with all that you have to do, micro exercising could be the answer you have been waiting for! The theory behind this way of exercising that is growing in popularity is small improvements made over time. That way of thinking is the basis behind large changes in your life. I believe that why so many people are down on themselves is because they think that if something takes a long time, it isn’t worth doing. What saddens me about thinking like that is that, I have found, the opposite to be true. I find that tasks that take a longer time will often correlate with having the most to gain from completing said task.

New types of fitness enthusiasts aren’t going to let the nine to five life hold them back from staying healthy. For instance, one on-the-go gentlemen prefers to take stairs wherever he can, even during travel! This mindset to never let life get in the way of staying fit is inspiring. It makes me think back to all of the times I passed on exercising, just because I wasn’t near my gym of choice. It sorts of makes me feel like a spoiled brat who has more excuses than common sense, sad but true. This way of exercising whenever possible is not lost on makers of cell phone applications. You can easily find many different apps designed with the user being on the go, in mind. Be warned, however, those looking for an easy path may be better suited looking elsewhere. I remember an old fitness app that I used to use, with the goal of a quick exercise.

finding the timeI have tried various fitness programs, from the tame to the grueling, and trying a micro workout app was one of the most challenging things that I had done. I enjoy my resting time in between sets, of which I had almost none with the app that I got. Honestly, that particular app was many phones ago and I can’t currently find it on any section of the app store. No worries though as there are many more that have swooped in to take its place. After the soreness and fatigue I experienced trying to following this trend, I will be sticking with my old school style of working out. That style being the guy who is covered in sweat and gasping for air in between heavier sets.

Why I am Sticking with the Old School Approach

Sure, it could take me over an hour to finish a workout but this is my own personal speed at handling things and I am perfectly fine with that. I have no doubt that I will leaving those quick and intense style of exercise for those who can handle it, I know that I sure can’t! It is no wonder that many moms are the leading voices in favor of a new way of staying in good shape. Mothers are some of the toughest people in the world, having one of the hardest jobs imaginable. I say with no humiliation at all that while I could be seen as someone you might not want to mess with, I am a wuss compared to these fit moms, utilizing methods to exercise that this grown man begging for mercy!


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