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Great Bodyweight Exercises That You Can Do Right Now

Ok, well maybe you should read this first, and then you can do these exercises. Not everyone has the time to go drive to whatever gym is closest. You also might not have the money to invest in an expensive home gym setup. Both of these cases are extremely common and acceptable. The sad thing is that some of these people who want to train but can’t find the time nor the finances to work out. Believe me, I have been there and even though I had the desire to get in good shape, I did not have the resources.

However, that all changed when I began to look into body weight exercises. These exercises don’t require that you buy any equipment and you can do most, if not all of them, within the privacy of your own home. Needless to say, if you are ready and able, there really is no excuse to not do these exercises if you are serious about getting big.

One of my favorite exercises that only uses your body weight would be the dip. Sure, you can get some crazy dip machine but you can really get your weightlifting process started with a good base of using dips that only require you doing them, nothing extra needed. Now, how you do them will be up to you. However, I usually use a couple of chairs but feel free to try what works well for you. The main thing that you want to remember when doing dips is that whatever you are using to balance yourself on is STABLE.

good way to dip

That means that anything that cannot safely support your body weight does not need to be used. So, don’t go and grab something plastic or like that. We want to use stable and strong materials. Find what works best for you and use it, it is really as simple as that. As you start out, you will want to keep your feet on the ground, as this makes the dips easier to do. As you are able to do more and more reps, you will then want to start propping your feet up as well. By propping your feet up and having them off of the ground, you will notice that the dips become more challenging.

Another great way to build strength and muscle by only using your own body is by doing pull ups. Yes, you might remember these from gym days in school. The funny thing will most likely be that you can do about as many now as you could when you were younger. Don’t be discouraged, a pull up can be one of more grueling exercises that you can do. However, with the difficulty of them, also comes some amazing results that you are going to get.

good way to do pull ups

I would consider dips and pull ups to be some of the most beneficial lifts out there. There is a reason why you can see so many different people doing these exercises, they work incredibly well. You will definitely be feeling the burn here but your muscles will thank you for it, as they start growing! If you are beginning this kind of at home fitness program, be sure to start out slowly. People who have not done much in the way of working out before can expect to be sore. You can help to ease this soreness by starting out with a couple of reps.

Everyone has to start somewhere and by simply making the decision to start, you are already ahead of those who never will take the actions to change their live! Don’t be discouraged, you may begin lifting now!

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