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Get Fit with Your Pet: Fido Needs Exercise, Too!

Keeping yourself healthy is one thing but there’s an important aspect of your life that you might be forgetting about. Namely, the health and fitness of your pet. I know that my dog is pretty much like my child, I watch over him and want to do everything I can to ensure that he lives a long and healthy life. While you might have your nutrition in check, you need to stop for a minute and think about if your pet is staying as healthy as you are. For the pet owners out there, I wanted to put together some quick tips the next time you think about what is going into your pet’s diet. Exercise is important for pets, namely dogs, as this is what is ingrained into their mind. The simplest way that I could recommend you and your dog getting fit together would be to go for walks. Throughout the first years of my dog’s life, he never wanted to go outside.

Techniques to Keep A Pet Active Like You

exercising with a petI blame this on me because I had always raised him to be an inside dog. One day, I bit the bullet and decided that I would take him outside and he loved it. Flash forward to two years later, and we go out for walks and runs daily. My pet loves the feeling of getting to go outside and be free and I get to knock out a little bit of afternoon cardio, everyone wins. One reason why I wanted to talk about pet owners getting fit alongside the pets is because of a growing problem. This problem is that there are a large number of obese pets in the world. To make matters worse, it’s harder to recognize obesity on pets than it is for humans. Humans carry weight differently than pets do, so sometimes it makes it harder to tell if a pet is obese. While having a plump pooch may look cute for pictures, you could be actually doing your dog some damage. As it is with humans, obese pets are going to be at a larger rest for many diseases that are associated with being an animal. If you don’t believe that your pet isn’t getting enough exercise, let me ask you, how many times does your dog want to play fetch with you? You might be rolling your eyes and groaning as you read that last sentence but it’s true, the dogs want to be active and this could be a sign that they’re not getting the activity that they need throughout the day.

To summarize, if you want to keep yourself healthy while also doing the same for your precious pet, you both need to get moving. One stroll outside, whenever you have the time to do so, should be enough to keep your pet happy and satisfied. Would you sacrifice five minutes out of your day to take your buddy for a walk, instead of having to play fetch for hours on end? One last tip that I have for aspiring pet owner is wanting to keep their little one safe would be to always keep up with the recalls on food. A few of these have snuck by me and in one case I was actually feeding him something that was bad for him. After hearing about the recall, I immediately got him some new food. I am always of the belief that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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