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How Under Armor Plans to Revolutionize Fit Tracking

As we all are awash with all of the fitness trackers out there, something has come along to change the way that we track our progress. Under Armor has released what is known as the Speedform 2 Gemini. Although this doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, these shoes are really gaining some popularity. I want to note that I actually tried to look at getting a pair of these at the Under Armor website, and they were all sold out! How these special shoes work is due to the computer chip that they have in them. Yes, you read that right, there is an actual small computer chip within these shoes that is able to track everything that you do!

Well, maybe not every single thing but everything that you could need, if you are someone who wants to track your results. Measuring how far you go, as well as your pace, these shoes look like something out of the future. I had only heard of any sort of tracking being done with watches, and whatnot. With these shoes, you are going to get all of your information about your runs readily available. Another cool feature is that these shoes have a built-in calories burned counter within them. If you are expecting to shell out a small fortune for the Speedform line, you are in luck, these only retail for about $150. This price, especially when talking about sneakers, is nothing out of the ordinary. I think that these shoes will be a bigger and bigger hit, as time goes by.

More people are going to be in need of new shoes, as opposed to a watch, so these shoes could very well dominate the workout tracking market. Over at the Under Armor website, I could only see them available in the blue color that was featured. Due to them being sold out, as of this writing, I was unable to see any other colors. However, after doing a bit of searching, I was able to see some of the other colors and they all look really cool. I am partial to the light blue colored ones, just because it matches what I will usually wear to go workout.

Looking past the amazing tracking abilities that these shoes have, I also wanted to mention some other cool features for anyone that is thinking about grabbing a pair. From checking out this product, it looks like comfort was another big concern among the makers of these tracking shoes. The Gemini line is made to fit your feet with the 4D foam and seamless heel that these shoes have. One of the most annoying things about getting a new pair of shoes is having to take the time to wear them in. With the Speedform, you don’t have to worry about going on a first run in these only to end up accidentally kicking them off before you leave your yard!

From the cool design, to all of the options that you have to keep track of your runs, the Speedform 2 Gemini line of fitness tracking shoes are a great choice. I can really see more companies looking to capitalize on this, so we might just see other companies throw their hat into the race to make a great fitness tracking shoe. Until then, it looks like Under Armor has a winner on their hands! My only complaint that I have with them, at the moment, is that I can’t get a pair for myself yet.

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