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Mark Wahlberg Helps Launch New Supplement Line

We have seen quite a few changes come to the supplements that we know and love. One change that many have rallied behind is more clarity from supplement manufacturers. After all, we are the ones who are trusting them with, basically, our lives, so we should have transparency, right? Mark Wahlberg, a big name in both the world of movies and staying healthy agrees, helping to create a new line of workout supplementation, known as Performance Inspired. You may remember Mark Wahlberg from his days as Marky Mark, or perhaps, you have seen him in the tons of movies that he has been in. It’s likely that Wahlberg has been on your television, for one reason or another, many times.

Now, Mark is bringing his star power to a line of supplements made with a better purpose in mind, making sure you aren’t getting mystery products. If you recall, there was a huge backlash for all supplements, when it was being released that we might not be getting the ingredients that we thought we were, a big scare for everyone. We have seen certain manufacturers abide to the will of the people, who only want to know what they are consuming. Performance Inspired doesn’t want to worry or have to guess what is in your supplement, they are all about being all-natural. From the line of supplements from Performance Inspired, there have built up a nice little line of products, which I will get to in a minute!

I love that a company isn’t dodging the issue of clarity in our supplements, they are actually calling it out and saying that they will never do that, bravo! As I have stated, the company is still in somewhat of a new stage, they do have products that are available but there are also some cool surprises coming up soon, including a mass gaining product, a post-workout supplement that is made with branch chained amino acids, as well as a creatine that looks delicious. Mark Wahlberg is likely to have an awesome 2017 and setting his name by a company that are making supplements with the customer in mind, could have this man celebrating his best year yet. I can’t wait to try Performance Inspired for myself, after reading up on it, it looks to be a big move forward for the supplement world.

Before I forget, I did to want to give special mention to the Performance Inspired supplements that are out right now. First, there is the Inspired Bar, which is their form a protein bar, made from all-natural ingredients without all of the filler certain companies have been known to add in their products. I do love the clear labeling that is on each supplement in the Performance Inspired line. Even on their website, this company does not try to hide anything or pull any punches, they are proud of what they have created and want you to know all about it. Last but not least, there are two types of protein powders, one made for weight loss and the other for bulking up. If you are looking for new supplements, feeling like your old stand by isn’t cutting the mustard anymore, I can sympathize with that concern. Performance Inspired wants to make you a better weightlifter and their supplements are some of the best ways to accomplish that very goal.

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