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Three Reasons Hiking is A Great Way to Exercise

Are you thinking about heading out into the open and taking up a nice hike? If hiking out in the open is a hobby that you already participate in, congratulations, you are doing yourself a service! If you aren’t much of the outdoorsy type, you may want to rethink this decision, as there are some great benefits for your overall health. Look closer at the reasons below that, if you want to stay healthy, deciding to hike could be the right decision for you to make!

Reason number one: You will lose more calories!

Hiking is all about getting up and getting moving, therefore it is a great method to utilize, if you are wanting to keep everything trim. Once you get your heart rate up to a certain amount of beats per minute, the body will start burning off calories as an energy source. Hiking is different from walking on a treadmill in the air conditioning. For one, temperature changes will have a varying effect on the amount of calories that you burn. Also, hiking is all about tackling terrain that will differ from step to step, keeping you on your toes (no pun intended).

Reason number two: You will be more interested in this activity.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that walking in place isn’t going to be the most fun thing in the world. If you are staying in one place, the scenery never changes and this saying has never been more true than when we apply it to exercise. When you are out in the wilderness on a hike, it isn’t just about exercising. As a matter of fact, you can escape from the world, while out on a hike. Chances are, you won’t even be paying that much attention to the effort that you are exuding and will be focused more on the scenery that is all around you.

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Final reason: The possibilities are endless!

If you do decide that you enjoy a good hike and want to take it to another level, there are great hiking spots all across the world. There are endless resources to find that perfect hiking destination for you. Who knew that combining a hobby with getting in better shape could be so much fun? You can grab a map, pick a location, and head there to start your own aerobic workout. However, how far you can go will all have to do with your own personal comfort level.

Get that heart rate up, hit the trail, and start up a different approach to getting fit. Although, it isn’t for everybody, a good hike could be an activity to think about doing, as the weather outside stays at a nice temperature. The only drawback that most have, when it comes to hiking, is the weather and the fact that it doesn’t always cooperate with your plans. There are dangers to walking around outside when the temperatures are too hot or too cold. You could risk passing out and when you are in the wilderness, away from most of civilization, that isn’t really a good idea. Take this piece of advice, from someone who has been hiking a time or two, wear comfortable shoes! Nothing can derail a good hike quicker than lugging around in heavy footwear, you will be doing more harm for yourself than good, in this situation.

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