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Intra-Workout Products: Taking Fitness to New Levels

The longer that you work out, the more you may look to supplements to provide you with some sort of guidelines. Some will meet specific goals and there will be others that don’t really need the goals you think you need, until you try them out. I had read about intra-workout supplements for quite a while and honestly I was never really that blown away. I thought it was some sort of hokey scam because after all if you’re drinking water or a sports drink, isn’t that enough? On a whim, I decided I might as well trying out big time from on my favorite companies as they were having a sale to see if it really worked out well for me.

intra workout supplements

I got the supplement in two different flavors one was lemonade and one was cherry. Although I did read about the benefits of using a BCAA product, I didn’t really read well enough as to learn about how horrible they mix with water. I immediately had to get shaker cups with the ball in them before I could even get anywhere near this product. Let that be a note to you all people, do not try this or any other BCAA product by mixing with a spoon and a tub, it just will not work out well. After mixing this product for the spoon and cup, I was left with some sort of foam and it was super not drinkable.

So after mixing it up the right way, I found out, although I wasn’t crazy about the consistency, that the drink actually tasted really well. The drink did give me mild heartburn afterwords, but this is something that is common with me and these drinks and is has always been that way. The drink tasted great and, I thought, after a couple workouts, that I really was noticing some benefits. Namely, I was able to have increased endurance and stamina which really help me push my workouts to the next level.

I would sip on the drink, whatever portion I didn’t finish, after my workout and noticed that I was able to actually feel less fatigue after my workouts. This is such a big deal because at the time I was actually smoking cigarettes, shame on me! Even though I was making that silly mistake, it was pretty cool to know that I was able to have a little more endurance as I needed all the help I could get. The lesson that I learned from waiting so long to use intra workout supplements is that it is a shame to to judge a book by its cover.

I came up with the silly notion that the supplements would not provide me with any real benefits and because of that I missed out on using these for quite a few years. However, now that I know just how well they work I do keep them in rotation in my supplement regiment. Do I find them to be my number one best supplement for building any kind of muscle? No, but I still do enjoy them quite a bit and I think that they will most likely always have a place in my supplement cabinet.

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