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The Inspiring Tale of Luca Thimm

In Germany, there is one weightlifter who is going above and beyond. His name is Luca Thimm and he was born with Down Syndrome. What makes Luca’s story so great is that he recently competed at a weightlifting meet. The even better news is Luca was able to complete all six of his lifts. Watching the joy on Luca’s face as he completes each lift is truly inspiring.

If you have had a bad day, it stands to reason you probably aren’t dealing with the challenges Luca faces. Below is a video where you watch Luca lift. If you aren’t motivated by the end of this video, I don’t know what to tell you. I love watching how happy Luca is when he completes a lift.

Watching Luca isn’t watching someone cope with the cards life dealt them. Instead, watching his video shows that life isn’t about what happens to you. Luca was given a tough hand yet he is still able to fully enjoy his life doing what he loves. Kudo to Luca for injecting a bit of life into the sport of weightlifting.

Perhaps it is because others take their strength for granted. It is common to see Luca perform a victory move after completing a lift. I am really pulling for Luca Thimm to take home competition medals. Perhaps this will bring about changes to which sports are allowed in the Special Olympics. The future ahead looks bright for Thimm. If you’ve watched the video above, you know that Luca is putting up lifts anyone could be proud of.

The next time you are struggling to start a workout, think about what Luca would tell you to do. Our bodies are capable of amazing things. Being able to watch the joy on Luca’s face after he lifts has helped to give me a new perspective on lifting.  If you think about it, most of us go to the gym because we have to. We have to finish that last rep or set. However, I love Luca’s point of view of looking at weightlifting as something you have the privilege of doing. If you treat something like a chore, it will feel like a chore.

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