Which Supplements are Better for Professional Weightlifters?

Which Supplements are Best for More Experienced Weightlifters?

As 2016 gets closer and closer, we are all reminded of the most common New Year’s Resolution, to get in better shape. Right up there with quitting smoking, this is a resolution that the most people out there go after. One thing this means is that your local gym is probably going to get very crowded during the first week of January, weather permitting. That is not always the most fun but know that it will begin to be a lot less crowded by February. This happens because most people can not keep up this resolution and I don’t blame them.

For new weightlifters, there is so many new things that they have to do and throw in supplements on top of that. One thing that we have heard mentioned would be the more powerful types of supplements called prohormones. It makes me so sad to look around in various bodybuilding forums around the internet and read about a 17 year old doing a log for a prohormone product. No one under 18 should even be near these things let alone taking a whole bottle of them. However, I will still see this continuing to happen all around the internet and it really is a shame.

I don’t want to sound like an old person or anything, but I got plenty big by doing three things: making sure I ate enough, taking my pre-workout before a workout, and lifting. Once I had those in check, I really had no way to not get bigger!

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Although they work great for most who need them, this will need to be someone who is at least 18 years old. I am pretty sure that most prohormone type supplements even specifically state this on the label, so I do not hold them accountable for this stuff happening. We all, as a community have got to set a better example than this. We need to make sure that we are always helpful and caring for others, whether they like the answer or not. There is just no reason that people so young should be taking some of the supplements that they are taking. I think that it is a big factor in people ending up in the hospital, or worse.

My Final Take on This: Start Slow, Get Big First

So, everyone out there, leave the prohormones, any of them for that matter and the stronger supplements to experienced weightlifters. There is nothing wrong with a good stable diet and some protein powder while you are starting out. Also, if you are under 25, your testosterone levels still should be in good shape. Although there are cases where testosterone gets lost before 25, you would have to consult your doctor about getting all of that checked out. You can really risk a lot of health problems by not following the labels on supplements.

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