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A New Challenge to Conquer: the Stepmill

A staple of gyms all across the world, the treadmill has been keeping us lean for ages. It seems that the attitude of getting to watch a television show while you walk in place is starting to die out, as some have favored a new challenger to the table and that would be the stepmill and it is not for the weak. When you see a stepmill in person, you can already see how it is going to be a different and tougher experience. With a set of two or three stairs that are always moving forward, like an escalator, the user can’t just stand there, otherwise they will trip over themselves. Social media is already starting to get behind the stepmill, with the most avid fitness enthusiasts bragging about how they had completed a workout on the stepmill.

When you have an invention that is so grueling that people are bragging about completing a single workout on it, you know you’ve got yourself a winner. The steps on this machine will stay at the same height, you don’t have to look down, which keeps you at a steady pace. Speaking of pace, a workout performed with using the stepmill will allow you less actual exercise time, since you have a wider range of motion, when compared to a treadmill. If you have an aversion to stairs and are always using the company elevator, the stepmill could be a way for you to get more used to using real stairs. There have been stair machines that have been used, primarily in the 80’s, but those machines were not as well-received as what we are seeing now.

I contribute the need of more being done quicker, as to why we have seen stepmills become must-haves for any fitness center. Due to having an irritational fear of elevators, I’m always looking for stars, whenever I can find them. If I do find myself in a skyscraper and I’m looking at taking ten plus flights of stairs, I have to put my elevator fear aside! When using a stepmill machine, as you can guess, your legs will have the most to gain from this activity. As far as I am concerned, what made the stepmill a machine that more of us have grown accustomed to all comes down to the design. In the past, the stair options we used to have would have two bulky and awkward looking pedals. Since the older machines weren’t built like actual stairs, it did require a great deal of balance just to stay on those old school stair machines. I can still remember the embarrassment that I felt as I was taking my pedals too fast and I ended up losing my balance.

Thankfully, I was able to grab onto the handles of the stair machine and only managed to leave me with a couple of scrapes and bruises. If you do decide to take the stepmill challenge, be prepared that is really is unlike any other workout that you have done. Set a speed that is suitable for you, pave yourself, and stay within your physical limits and you will have a set of legs that will be turning heads. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding stepmill where you live, they are taking off in sales and are popping up in new gyms almost every week. With the people behind this new and faster way of toning up, it’s likely that we won’t be seeing the stepmill go anywhere any time soon.

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