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Amazon Elements Coming to a Home Near You

Considering that there are so many companies getting into the world of nutritional supplements, it seems like hardly anything surprises me anymore. However, seeing that such a giant brand like Amazon creating supplements has made me very happy. First, I like being able to have more information about the supplement that I am trying with the handy QR code scanning capabilities of the Elements line. In an unprecedented move, Amazon actually encourages the customer to find out more about where the supplement they ordered came form. Early reports suggest that this code will actually give you a printout regarding the ingredients in the product you bought so that you can know more about how your product was made.

Currently, you aren’t going to find the widest range of products in the world but give it time. The Elements line is still newer and I am sure that it will feature a ton of cool products to it very shortly. As of right now, there are currently four different vitamin products in the Element line, including: Turmeric Root, Calcium Complex, and Vitamins K and D.

If you visit the product listing page for any of the products in the Element line, you will be treated to more detailed information that is very scientific. For someone like me, whose life revolves around trying new supplements, Amazon’s desire to be transparent truly shows. We are seeing that the Element product line doesn’t want to leave anything from the customer, a decision that I’m sure will pay off in a big way. Right now, there are only four vitamins in this product line but I think that we will see more Elements supplements get added as time goes on.

Of course, these supplements are still in the early stages but the reviews seem to be largely positive. Since Amazon is a platformbalanced where customers can leave reviews of what they have tried, we should all be seeing a clear picture of how the world feels Amazon has done in the supplement world. However, if the early reviews are any indication of overall satisfaction, it looks like this mega brand has got another winner on their hands. I think that the labels for the Elements line look really great. The black label with white text really makes these products look professional, like they could compete with other brands right away.

Another important concern for anyone is going to be cost of these supplements. One school of thought could be that Amazon would want to have their prices low, since they are new supplement makers on the block. Another argument could be made that we could see higher prices, considering the quality of the manufacturer. However, I’m happy to say that the Amazon Elements supplements are really well-priced.

Overall, I am so excited to see the Amazon Elements line finally being released. I had heard that this company was going to create their own line of products, I just wasn’t sure when that would be. Now, it looks like some of these products are only available to get by invitation but I am sure that we will see that change very soon. I eagerly await the expansion of Amazon Elements to possibly include a protein powder or preworkout product. I suppose that we will have to wait and see when new innovations come our way.

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