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Make Room for Chocolate in Your Diet Regimen

You read all of the information from the so-called experts out there and it seems like they are flip flopping every week. First, you hear that one food is good for you and right after that they are all saying that it is bad for you. One of the foods that is so sought after is chocolate, what if I told you that this wonder food can actually help to lose more weight? Studies are actually showing that chocolate isn’t as much of a hindrance to staying skinny as has been told to us for years. Of course, you have to take everything in moderation and this sweet food is no exception. I wouldn’t go out and buy every candy bar that you can get your hands on, thinking that you will be dropping weight like crazy. There is no harm in keeping some chocolate on hand and eating a small amount when you feel the urge. As you know, chocolate milk has been named as a great post workout drink for recovery. Who knew that actual chocolate, in its purest form, would be associated with weight loss?

Now, the studies that were done did mention that the chocolate needed to be of the darker variety, meaning not the sweet tasting treat that you were most likely dreaming of. I used to have a bad desire to eat chocolate constantly and I wish that someone informed me of this study during that time. For anyone who is worried that they could end up seeing their face breakout in sets of pimples when consuming chocolate regularly, worry not, that is an old myth. I think that my parents told me about the dangers of chocolate giving me pimples, even though this wasn’t remotely true. Maybe mom and dad were hoarding all of the chocolate for themselves by telling me little white lies. Don’t go running and buying that first piece of chocolate that you see, 70% cocoa, or higher is what should be used to help lose more weight. Hearing about the required cocoa amount isn’t the greatest news for me, as I was planning on telling people that I could shed weight with just eating Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I admit, me and my stomach have a weak spot for that delicious chocolate and peanut butter mixture that I don’t know if I will ever shake. My reason for consuming these treats when I get done lifting is that they have peanut butter in them and that can’t be bad for trying to grow, right? The darker dark chocolate chocolates, ones in which the minimum percentage of cocoa will be in should have a bitter taste. If you have dug around those bags of mini bars, in search of the elusive simply dark chocolate bars, you will be in luck and should adjust to the higher cocoa amounts with ease. I can’t say that if I was serious about dropping some extra weight, that I would go for any candy over vegetables and meat but, to each their own. Lighten up and enjoy chocolate, in moderation, and sticking to a diet will not seem as hard. Call it a psychological impulse but including one or two snacks that you just can not go without will have you less likely to overindulge. You see, if you take every cheat food out of your eating routine and never indulge, you are driving on a road that has tons of twists and turns. This new and bumpier road that you are on will lead you right to temptation and back into the overeating that got you to need a change being made in your life, in the first place. Life doesn’t have to be as serious as those experts we talked about earlier would have you think.


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