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Prioritizing Your Fitness Objectives

set priorities in the gym

When you have been working out for a while, there will always be that tendency to get burned out. This is something that is very common, so don’t worry if you are feeling this way. The good news is that there are certain things that you can do that can help keep you on the right track. I talk a lot on here about the importance of goal setting, but I wanted to offer a little bit of a different kind of method I have used to get through those slumps we all deal with. I had gotten rather sick of looking at the same old pages of my fitness notebook. Sure, I had all of my lift numbers in front of me but I felt that something was kind of off.

I began really looking through the entire notebook and going further and further back. It was when I had gotten nearly all the way back to the beginning that I noticed something. In the beginning of this notebook, I had actually listed some priorities that I wanted to make happen. First, I knew that I wanted to be able to bench press three hundred pounds. For some, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but it was all that I could think about. After that, I knew that I wanted to lower my body fat percentage to around 20%. With me, I gain fat pretty easily, and if I could find a routine that would help me get this number down, I knew that I would be elated. Beyond that, my last goal was to be able to get my bicep measurement to 16 inches or above.

After looking at all of these things that I had prioritized, I had figured out a sad fact: I had not met one of these priorities that I had set for myself about a year ago. I became very confused as to why I had not even really touched any of these things that, at one time, had been so important to me. As I began to turn the pages back to the present times of my notebook, I saw those priorities disappear and change to the boring old notebook, filled with just numbers. I realized where I went wrong with what I wanted to achieve and that was that I had forgotten how important these priorities were and what they were, as a whole.

These three items were all important to me but what I had figured out is how far apart they all were. Having a bigger bench press has nothing to do with me lower my body fat, and neither of those really had anything to do with growing my biceps. Luckily, I took some time and re-made my entire workout process with these priorities in mind. What I did was focus more on lifts that would help grow my chest and biceps. Along with that, I implemented more cardio into the end of my workouts, thereby lowering the amount of fat I have over time. If this sounds like something that is going on with you, think of changing up the lifts that you do. Align your workout plan along with your specific priorities and see how much more effort you put into what you are doing!

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