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Gaining More with Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine

After the rushing of the holidays has now ended, I was looking forward to unboxing a gift that I had received. By doing this, I get to finally play around with a machine and I can see how well it would be suited for those looking to gain weight. Made by Cuisinart, one of the major houseware companies out there, they are going to deliver quality. After opening the product, there really isn’t that much to it, as far as assembly goes. The one thing that I recommend you follow, if you do decide to pick up one of the machines is to freeze the bucket right away. I had rushed to the supermarket earlier in the week, thinking that I could end up having frozen yogurt about twenty five minutes after getting home, I had missed a very important part of the directions. Freezing the bucket is crucial for having your Cuisinart machine working the way that you need it do. The purpose of me getting this ice cream and frozen yogurt maker was to gain some more weight and I find sweets to be easier to consume.

Pump your brakes when initially setting up this machine, as waiting 24 hours is super important. However, once the bucket is frozen (slosh it around to make sure the liquid is frozen) and it is smooth sailing from there. Not just content with the recipes within the book, I wanted to try my best to add some extra protein power to the already outstanding recipes. The first thing that came to my mind was to chop up some nuts in the mix, which works well for extra fats and protein. Not just for helping with muscle development, having mixed nuts with a frozen treat is a way to add some extra crunch and flavor. Another thought that I had, came from how I used to prepare some pancakes, cooking them with protein powder. I had put about half a scoop of protein powder into the frozen yogurt mixture, both of which were vanilla flavored.

I suppose that I could have went with a full size scoop of powder but I didn’t want the sweet dessert to be over powered by that protein taste. If you live in close quarters to others, the machine could have your roommates shutting their doors but the noise isn’t really that bad. What else I enjoyed about using this ice cream machine for gaining more weight is that it makes two quarts at a time, quite a lot when you prepare it for the freezer. The first time that you realize you’ll need to wait an extra day for ice cream or frozen yogurt, it can be sad but provided that you always leave the bucket in the freezer, you can rest assured that treats are always close by. In the recipe book that came with this machine, there are a ton of various recipes that you can try, ranging from simple to slightly lengthier processes. Overall, I have been amazed with how easy it is to make quality homemade frozen treats that are loaded with protein. In that recipe book, it will lay out the details of carbs/calories/fats and much else for each meal that you can make, for anyone out there who is all about tracking each individual snack.

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