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Why Pokemon Go is Great for Trimming Down

slimming trainerIf you don’t know what a game called Pokemon Go is by now, you must have been very busy or you live under a rock. Either way, the game in which you collect little creatures hasn’t slowed down on the bestseller charts. Since the day it launched, I can’t go through one week without hearing it mentioned. I tried it out for myself and could easily see, within minutes, why so many are getting outdoors and collecting their favorite monster. It isn’t without its own dangers, all of which are attributable to bad people and not the game, many are finding themselves out of the house and outside. What you will notice is that this app gets you moving, right off the bat.

The style of Pokemon Go is that of map software, or the kind of HUD system, kind of like what is seen in Grand Theft Auto. While you are able to see a virtual version of you, in real-time, walk where you are walking. As you make a stroll down the location of your choosing, you will see these little creatures pop up, through your smartphone. There have been endless amounts of research that have gone into findings suggesting that younger people are staying inside more often. Being indoors and not getting the daily exercise that they should be, the Pokemon Go app is making big changes. Even in my little town, where our biggest landmark is a tiny lake, the craziness still lingers.

Many local residents have been making a stink about the infestation of Pokemon players but not because of their enjoyment of the game. What has been going down is that slow drivers, looking to catch every Pokemon, are having other residents frightened. According to what I have heard, you can see cars clogging up the roads, that expand over the entire course of the lake, just to get a glimpse at another creature to add to their collection. Do not play this game while driving, come on! For those who are choosing smarter actions, they are feeling the burn and enjoying the world around them. Being around Mother Nature, all while actively walking around is even aiming to help some gamers control their weight.

This game is free to get, which is a genius move, for a game that could have easily had people chomping at the bit to get their thumbs on it. Am I saying you should go and burn your gym membership, in favor of playing Pokemon? No, this game, as a fitness tool, is best used for those of whom would have never sought to change the course of their life before the game was released. The feeling of competition is shared and those looking to raise their trainer levels will go to greater lengths to make this dream a reality. The spirit of comradery will overtake those who may find a fellow journeyman along their quest to attain more of these virtual creatures. Next time you fire up this mobile craze, pack a step tracker with you, it will only add motivation when you see the fruits of your labor. For all of my fit freaks who picked up this craze, after you started exercising, don’t let the game replace your normal schedule. I love video games just as much as the next one but they can get addictive. I have had a few late nights of Fallout 4 totally wreck me getting any lifting done the next day, have more will to succeed than me.

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