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Post-Workout Meals for Hardgainers

I often hear so many people who are concerned about having the best supplements that they often ignore the most important part of truly gaining more mass and that would be nutrition. It’s an unhealthy attitude when many who have just completed a big workout often times will ignore the critical window of getting protein into their body. Instead of having a nice meal prepared that will set them up to gain even more from all of their hard work, they waste the meal on junk food. Chalk it up to having an ego after you know that you’ve conquered a workout that was said in front of you but if you’re making bad food choices every time you work out, you won’t see the gains that you should be getting.

Even the biggest bodybuilders in the world know the importance of nutrition, it’s best to think of it having as much of an important place in your life as your training will. One bright spot that I can hopefully put into your day is that it’s been well known that chocolate milk is great for after workout recovery meals. Feel free to indulge in a big glass of chocolate milk but with that we’re also going to need some other elements of an important muscle building diet, namely protein and healthy fats. This might cause some of you to fight the urge to vomit on your keyboard but, if you can stomach it, tuna sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk are like a muscle building super meal.

I know for many that the combination of chocolate and tuna sounds nasty but once you try it, you’ll find that it’s really not that bad. Worse comes to worse you can down this meal in about two minutes and enjoy a nice cup of mouthwash afterwards. For those who are not wanting to dive into culinary extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, I’ve got another meal for you that you can try. Sharing together a nice glass of protein powder and milk, along with a high-protein cereal is a great way to have a post workout breakfast that will keep you energized all day. If you find that your body is sensitive to consuming milk, replace the milk in this writing with soy or almond milk. I’ve been able to try almond milk, as well as its soy product and can tell you that both are amazing alternatives to actual milk. I am always of the belief that anything can be improved upon, if you’ve got post workout meal is you’re trying that you really like, leave us an idea of what those meals are on our social media page.

I look forward to hearing from each and every reader that I can during the week and questions that I receive like what kind of post workout meals are best often give me a great chance to speak with each and everyone of you. I was able to talk about this with a group of people at a recent event and I heard some delicious ideas already. One of them was adding rice or sweet potatoes into a post workout meal, which is an awesome idea. If you need to fight off cravings for something like a candy bar, a sweet potato with just the right amount of butter can really change your perception of a vegetable.

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