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VR Technology Mixing with Cardio

The great part about birthday parties was always going to the arcade, as far as my friends were concerned. Living in a rural area, we had two or three arcades that we would frequent, until they started closing down. I love being able to play video games at home, with one of my consoles, but I hate what has happened to the state of the arcade, currently. I mean, if you can find an arcade in America that is still existing, take a look inside. If you can walk into the arcade that you’ve found and not see a bunch of empty space or more than 5 machines, consider yourself lucky. I had often wished that some company would do what they could to repair the decaying state of the arcade in America and I may have gotten my wish answered, if the VirZOOM has anything to say about the matter. We’ve heard about how virtual technology is adding new elements of realness, immersing us in virtual worlds with no outside interference.

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I remember seeing the old E3 footage, when it was promised that virtual reality technology was going to foster in some amazing changes to how we live. Now, one of those changes is actually coming to the way that we exercise, truly making working out more fun. I know that nearly every new form of exercise is always touted as being fun but we are talking about video games here, I don’t think there is much that can compete with that, in terms of actual fun. The VirZOOM technology is taking what you would see from something like an Oculus Rift and mixing it with a stationary exercise bicycle. Currently, there are three different games that you can play, each one adding a new level of fun to biking in one spot. What I also like is that the headgear that you wear, while using the VirZOOM, isn’t clunky, it’s just a cool looking pair of glasses. The first game that I saw was somewhat traditional, having you race your bicycle in a virtual environment, against any other racer sitting next to you. The idea of biking along a virtual path might not excite those who have used the virtual world technology before but you likely haven’t tried it with the full immersion experience.

For the second game, this is where things went to a true game world, free from the realities of life, where you were on a giant horse, flying through the air to collect little orbs. I don’t know how they do it but, while playing the horse VirZOOM experience, I really felt like I was flying in the air! Unfortunately, I did not have time to play the third game, as I was only allowed a brief amount of time to test out the machine, the line was starting to really get backed up behind me. From what I saw, there were tons of people trying to test out the VirZOOM, making me feel like it is a great sign of things to come for how we exercise in this new era. Although they are only in a handful of states, expect to see these awesome virtual reality bicycles coming to a gym near you, in the future. I can’t wait until the day where there are actual tournaments that occur with the VirZOOM, now that would be an awesome competition to watch.

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