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Can Lifting Weights Enhance Bone Density?

It has been well documented that weightlifting can be a great way to keep you looking and feeling great. I still remain amazed at learning about the benefits of regular weightlifting that have evaded me, over the years.  However, did you know that your bones can also get stronger by performing weight training? With milk being one of favorite drinks, I haven’t had too many issues with my bones. Having known people who have had bones break, I have heard that it is not an experience that I want to ever have happen to me. If you don’t think that broken bones can happen by surprise, tell that to someone I know that broke both of their wrists at the gas station. One quick fall brought this man’s hand to his chest, in an attempt to break his fall, and his wrists paid the price. If you have ever hurt your wrists, you know how it can feel to lose all of that freedom you once had. It appears that squats are going to be your best bone strengthening exercise, if you only want to pick just one.

Sticking with the same type of movement, I would also have to assume that leg presses are going to help out your bones, as well. The heavier lifts that will require the use of your entire body or, at least, most of it are going to be the best choices. Having stronger bones isn’t just something that was made up to sell milk, it is essential to avoiding a painful trip to the hospital! Having a big wall of muscle to help protect everything inside of it can’t help but make your chances of avoid an ambulance ride that much better. Hitting the weights as hard as you can isn’t going to entirely protect you from ever having the agony of a broken bone but a stronger foundation breaks down less easily.

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If you want to have another safety measure in place, after hearing about that fateful gas station story, milk is an amazing source of calcium. Also, if you are using any supplements, along with your training methods, you are likely to get more calcium. Not every study has agreed that bones can be strengthened through only physically demanding weightlifting but a large majority of them showed positive relationships. It is of the utmost importance that any of the exercises that help bring more resistance to your bones are performed in the correct manner. You stand a better chance of breaking your bones, through improper posture, than you would ever having a shot at making them stronger. If you don’t know how to properly do a squat, here is a site that could help you out. Being the team behind one of the best starter workout programs that got me my first taste of success, I highly recommend going to have a look at their site. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a weightlifting beginner anymore, there is still a ton of information at their site that always has me learning something I didn’t know. This should go without saying but please never just take a guess at how to carry out a weightlifting movement. If, by some chance, you get it right the first time, you are more likely to make a fool out of yourself.

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