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Microsoft Ending Xbox Workout Program Soon

If you have been using the Kinect accessory with your Xbox console to follow along with the free fitness videos they have, you could soon be in for a big surprise. The sunset plan will be removing the videos and workouts, contained within the Xbox Live service. Many users are fuming at hearing this announcement, arguing that the content they paid for is now being removed. I feel really bad for anyone who had purchased this content, only to end up not getting to use it. This situation is growing even worse for those who never got to once use the content that they paid for, only to hear about it being removed from the server. Yes, this means that, even if you purchased something and assumed you were going to be able to keep it, this content will be removed. I think that the sunset plan is a big blow to those who use their video game consoles to stay fit. I find it odd that this company has worked so hard to merge the fitness and video game crowd into one group, only to take away all of their content.

Hurry and Use The Fitness Videos While You Can

Perhaps, we could see Microsoft bending to the will of the people and reinstating the fitness content but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. From what I have heard, this sunset plan will not roll out entirely, until next year. If you have purchased any of the workout videos, for use with the Xbox console, you still a limited time to get the most out of the instructional workout videos. I love being able to enjoy new technology, like anyone else. As so many platforms of media have moved to a cloud type service, it does have its advantages. When I would want to workout at home, I didn’t miss having to load up the car and head down to my local game shop.

Using the new Xbox live system, it has been very easy for me not break a sweat tracking down the game that I needed. If it turns out that this technology means that I can’t keep content that I have paid hard-earned money for, I don’t know if this new way really is the best way. At least when I drove to the game store to get a game, I never had to worry about anyone coming into my house to take it away from me! There are Kinect games that you can buy physical copies of, to restock your library after the sunset plan wipes out all Xbox Fitness content. I understand that big companies like Microsoft can only allocate so much space to their wide array of games. It just makes for a headache when games that you use, along with content you have paid for, end up on the chopping block. I have seen many a person flip out when the servers for their online play end up getting cut off but losing what you have paid for is a slippery slope to find yourself on. I can only hope that the Xbox Fitness application being removed will bring us all a new and improved exercise program on this console! It is tough enough to find a good fitness game that fits your goals, taking them away can’t help the continued merging of gamers and the fit crowd.

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