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Terry Crews and His Fitness Philosophy

Terry Crew’s Fitness Philosophy: An Amazing Concept that Will Lead to Brilliant Results


In a recent Reddit interview known as an ask me anything or, AMA for short, Terry Crews really brought to light a great fitness philosophy to have. He mentions that before you really are fully able to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle, you first must set one important habit, going to the gym. Now, he did not mean going to the gym, working out for three hours your first time and making a commitment to push for that same intensity and drive every time. No, what he meant was to literally go to the gym. If you’re someone who is not ready to make the commitment to work out yet, it does not matter. He basically states that you just need to make the habit of literately getting to the gym and from there your options are limitless. If you wanted to go to the gym, sit there and read a book, this is what he meant.

What This Philosophy of Working Out First Meant

At first, I had to reread this a couple times before it fully dawned on me how brilliant of an idea this was. So many people seem to start working out and then find that their drive and desire decreases and that is usually what leads them to quit working out and being fat altogether. This is something that I have seen with many family members and friends and I have to say it is really heartbreaking to watch. You kind of see that glow disappear from them and they seem less happy after they break their commitment. I think that every beginner should heed the advice of Mr. Crews and simply start going to the gym just to make it a habit.

Fitness and Habits: How They Are Related

As we all know, habits are a great indicator of success. If Arnold did not have the drive and ambition to keep going to the gym, he wouldn’t have become the megastar that he was. For some of us, we don’t share that right out of the gate and need to make sure we put something in place to get us in the habit of just going to the gym. I think the idea behind this is that once you’re there and you do nothing enough and watch other people work out your drive will increase and you will want to do it yourself.

For me, I know there is a big-time truth to this. For example, we all know how scary the first week of the job can be. Then, one day you wake up and find that you’ve been going and doing the same job for 10, 15,  and 20+ years. It is the importance of habit the play such a rude in your success as far as business is concerned. You will have to build different habits, whether it be eating or working out. The power of habit is an amazing one and if you’re on the fence about starting to get in better shape, try making a drive to the gym one day. I know there will be gaps in your schedule where you will have some free time, just take something that entertains you, or even play games on your phone. Just bad habit of going to the gym, repeated overtime, is a big key to success and changing your life for the better.

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