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New Nutritional Labels to Bring Increased Transparency

Throughout the past decade, we have seen changes in the way that products are labeled. You have to remember that the labels that show everything that is in a particular item, were not always around. As time has gone by, these labels have grown more and more sophisticated. One can pull a product up and instantly read about every single ingredient in it. It looks as if there will be some more advancements coming a label near you soon. Calling for a more truthful stance on the items that we consume every day, we continue to see more changes being made. There is a new idea being tossed around about something that is a little bit different on these labels we all see everyday.

This innovation would have a picture showing how much exercise it will take to burn off the calories of said food item. My first instinct is to wonder how they are going to fit all of this information on our, already crammed labeling system. The other part of me, that hates tracking every single thing that I eat, would actually welcome these potential new changes. My only dilemma would be understanding how they are going to fit so many different kinds of exercises on their labels. As you know, no one person works out the same way and will commonly use a number of different exercises together. For example, if all the labels are geared toward more cardio, how will people that only do strength training know how long to lift?

I think that it does take some of the joy out of indulging in junk food, which we are all entitled to. Could you imagine seeing how much effort it would take to burn off the last fast food meal you got? The thought of that alone scare me and maybe that is the goal of the group tasked with getting these labels onto products. I don’t think that certain food and drink companies will let this decision pass so easily but I guess we will just have to wait and see. It might not be a matter that the big companies are even allowed to have an opinion in, depending upon how far this measure would end up reaching. The tests that are being done on this movement, currently show that many people would actually avoid the least healthy food option, when they see it in terms of actions that they will need to take.

As there are currently some concept designs for what these futuristic labels would look like, I think that they could become a big hit. This is all being said from the standpoint of someone who enjoys and practices daily fitness. One can’t help but wonder if this message of how much activity is required to burn of that candy bar will be lost on those who have no desire to get in shape. For them, this decision to label their food or drink differently could be ignored altogether. I still think that there will need to be more accurate information presented over where the country stands with this decision before we see anything too concrete. Where do you stand on this issue? Would you like to see more information being presented on the labels, not having to do with ingredients but how long you would need to jog to burn off that order of french fries?


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