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Why I Love Blink Fitness’s New Positive Message

There is a change coming to the way that you look at the next fitness billboard you see. Blink Fitness, a newer fitness chain, wants to deliver a new message than what you normally see. Their slogan is every body happy, meaning that everybody can be happy by working out here. This isn’t all that they did for their cool new ad though, they chose a different style than most anyone has. Blink’s concept is that they want this to be the place that any person can feel comfortable going to. I have, for a long time, stated that the very act of getting fit needs to be more of a community than how selfish it is known for being. This chain of gyms takes this to a whole new level by using normal people for their ads. Long gone are the days of the perfectly tanned and toned models that only make you feel like garbage about your own self-image, now we see regular people and I think that this is a welcome change. Who wants to look at a billboard of someone who is so far ahead of them, in terms of body composition. If it were me, I would only look at that image of the golden hair person in the shape that I want to be in and be driven away from going there.

A big issue for people who are only beginning to get fit is the body image issues that comes with being new at something. For most things in life, if you are new at something, no one can physically see that you haven’t tried something before. However, if you walk into a gym and it looks like a casting call for the new Expendables movie, you will have to fight the urge to just get back in the car and hit up McDonalds on the way home. If you are looking for a new place to workout, I haven’t been there, but Blink Fitness looks like a great one to go to. Apparently, the prices at this chain are very reasonable, another reason why they want to cater to everyone. Hopefully, this will lead a trend of average Joes going to this chain versus another gym loaded with people who look like they haven’t had a cheat meal since 1998. Here is the commercial, if you want to see it for yourself, I am still laughing.

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