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Defending the Instagram Post of Fit Personality Chontel Duncan

Setting aside all of the news we have been hearing about candidates slinging dirt in every way possible, there is another person being targeted. Setting aside politics and talking about fitness, a mother-to-be has drawn the ire of many just by posting some workout videos? How did this firestorm come to be, with many leveling some serious claims against her? The video that Chontel Duncan had put up on her Instagram was of her doing some moderately intense exercising, the key to this story was that she was visibly pregnant. Only she knows all of the details but she has apparently received some quite hateful responses to a seemingly innocent video.

This is one of the best examples of people jumping to conclusions that I have seen. Folks, Chontel is a fitness model, do you think that she would take any unnecessary risks? I don’t think that someone like her, whose job it is to be in killer shape, would do anything to put herself or child in danger. Sure, if I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t be in a gym but we are all different. This story has been looked upon with everyone focusing on the mental state of this woman that we are blinded to something very important. Instead of only focusing on how this mom chooses to exercise, shouldn’t we be disturbed at what people would attack a perfect stranger.

Why Everyone Needs to Chill Out for a Minute

Duncan has stated that there is a group of professionals monitoring what she should be doing while with child. After a bit of looking into this woman’s career, I am sure that she can afford some high-level pros to help her. I don’t think that we need a bunch of keyboard warriors hurling insults at a woman just trying to stay healthy. I have dealt with being bullied by people behind a keyboard and it isn’t fun. It is easy for someone to do the name-calling and insulting but when tables get turned, it doesn’t feel that easy at all. After what I have read, these barrages of hurtful words are not going to stop Chontel from living her life, so why not move on to something else? Let’s stop attacking her and put all of this behind us. Trust me, you are doing nothing but stressing out a woman by continuing with these needless attacks. There was a big incident that the Reddit community picked up on, where someone with Autism was being bullied relentlessly, for no other reason than immature people trying to be funny. It only seems that now, there are a big group of people with nothing better to do, that are acting like they wrote the book on being fit.

It isn’t unheard of for someone who is carrying a baby to do some light working out. I don’t see her trying to set any records, probably just some maintenance work.  After hearing about this, I had to watch the video for myself. Sure, she is using a dumbbell, so there are elements of weight training that is taking place. I am not a genius in the subject of anything having to do with maternity but I know stress isn’t all just physical. I am sure that leaving a pregnant woman a bunch of hateful messages probably is doing more damage to her, than some light exercising could do.

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