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One Way to Ease the Boredom of Working Out: Music

If there is one thing that has saved me from a bad workout or just being bored, overall, it would have to be music. Sure, you can listen to whatever they are playing on the speakers at your gym (if they have speakers). However, I prefer to listen to music on my own terms and choose what it is that I hear. Especially because my local gym plays nothing but top 40, all day and every day. Now, that isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with that kind of music. I actually love most pop music and listen to it all of the time, just not while I am really pumping iron. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly suggest getting a mp3 player and then heading out to go workout. One thing that I don’t really like about hearing music over the radio at my gym, is that all of the fun parts are removed from the songs, you know what I mean! One big benefit of listening through music on your headphones is that the artists can say whatever they want. Some of those words really get me through an exhausting workout day. Better yet, did you know that it is actually proven that listening to music while you lift weights can help you to lift more?
The one thing that you are going to have issues with, possibly, is that you need to be extra careful of your surroundings while your music is playing. There is nothing worse than jamming out so hard that you bump into someone or do something embarrassing like that. I have been the person who has bumped into someone because I had my music too loud, needless to say, it was more than a bit awkward. After all, these people there are working just as hard as you are so be courteous (I don’t care how hard the song goes). There are a bunch of great songs out there that almost seem like they were made for pumping iron to. No matter what style you like, there is going to be something that will help to motivate you. One secret reason that I enjoy bringing my music with me to the gym is because it is a mega time saver. It seems like I am always super crunched for time and never have enough of it to listen to anything that is new. Because I am able to bring my iPod with me to workout, I can use that time to catch up on some stuff that I haven’t heard before.

Be sure to load your music player up with all different styles of music to find what works best for you. It doesn’t always have to be heavy metal cranked up as loud as it will go, branch out and you might surprise yourself. Personally, I can’t really get the weights moving to any kind of sappy ballads, but to each their own. Another thing that I want to mention is to be sure to get a nice protective case for whatever you decide to bring with you. I can’t count the number of times that I rip out a headphone cord or miss my pocket when going to put my music player up. This can lead to a broken setup pretty quickly!

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